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Thanks to the following contributors:

Ron Amos 
Photo of  Summer Brass Camp- Elon College c.1966

Danny Bowling
   Book       1936 Draper YMCA Activity Book (Complete, 49 pages)
   Book       Armed Forces Souvenir Book (published by The Marshall Field Company (Fieldcrest) in 1945, complete, 130 pages)
   Scan of    New York Times article 7-17-1854
   Photo of  1957 Draper Baseball Team
   Photo of  1967 Draper License Tag
   Photo of  Draper (NC) High School Blue Bantam Notebook
   Photo of  Post Card with Leaksville Postmark 3/24/1908
   Photo of  Ms. Edna Meadows Gray's First Grade Class at Draper Graded 1955
   Photo of  Mrs. Margaret Turner's Fifth Grade Class, Draper (NC) Elementary School 1959-60
   Photos   Three Photos of Draper, NC 

Fred Bowling
Photo of Business Section Leaksville, NC c.1939

Lynn Setliff Brannock
   Photo of   Son's Cab and Tom Thumb Lunch

Steve Bundy and Sam Gwyn
   The Dancing School Mystery 

B. J. Carter III  
    Photo: 7th grade class at Draper Graded School c. 1935
Photo: Mrs. Ainsley's 5th grade class in 1949-50 at Draper Graded School

John Marshall Carter
   Article:    'L.S.D.'- The City That Might Have Been
   Article:   "Orphan Annie Biscuits"

   Article:   "Season's memory still spurs teammates"
   Article:   "Son of old Leaksville keeps tale of Wampus Cat alive"

   Article:     Winston Marshall Carter (1868-1962),The Family of
   Letter:      Allan D. Ivie, Jr. Letter (July 6, 1980)
   Photo of    Boys' Club
   Photo of    Blackwells Record Store
   Photo of    Burton Grove School
   Photo of    Early Leaksville National Guardsmen (1935)
   Photo of    Fieldcrest Plant in the 1920s
   Photo of    Fishing in the Dan River, near Leaksville
   Photo of    Leaksville-Spray Junior High School
   Photo of    Morehead HS Sports 1965-66 
   Photo of    Overlook Avenue in New Leaksville
   Photo of    Spray Cotton Mills
   Photos of  The Wampus Cats
   Photos in  John Marshall Carter Scrapbook
   Poem        Five Forks
   Poem        The Good Bastille
   Poem        The Pump
   Poem        Uncle Wince (1868-1962)
Wampus Cats- A Play by John Marshall Carter

Richard Lee Carter
  Article     1949 Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel Tournament  
   List of      Leaksville Nicknames
   Photo of   Downtown Leaksville 1953

   Photo of   Downtown Spray c.1953
   Photo of   Frank B. Fisk Semi-Pro Baseball Team (1920s)

   Photo of   1928 Burton Grove Diploma

   Photo of  
1948 LHS Football Players
   Photo of   1950 Leaksville High School Sports Banquet

Jerry Chaney
Photo of  Busted in the Tri-Cities

Walt Chenausky
   Photo of  Leaksville 1923 T-Model

Clarence Cook
   Film     Film of Downtown Leaksville, NC c.1950s-1960s

Bidney Dixon
Photo of Leaksville Hospital 1924

Mitchell Dushay
  Photo of Leaksville Hospital Postcard Scan

Junior Eastridge and Brad Wade
s Four Spray, NC Photos

John Emory, Jr.
   Photo of  1930 Leaksville High School Football Team
Bill Glenos

   Photo of   1947 Leaksville HS Cheerleaders
   Photo of   Glenos's Lunch Room
   Photo of   Leaksville Restaurant and Dining Room (c.1939)
   Photo of   Leaksville Restaurant and Dining Room 1930s (interior)
   Photo of   Spray Cotton Mills Office Staff in 1949-50

Michele Lee Grant
Article     Aid Bonds and Stamp Sales during World War I
  Article     "Fire Damages Leaksville Store"-From Danville Bee dated Sep 18, 1930
Historical Sketch of the Spray Baptist Church
  Articles   Old Leaksville Articles
Photo of   1928 Graduates of the Leaksville School of Nursing
  Photo of   1944 Leaksville (NC) High School Diploma

  Photo of   A Kiss For Daddy, Courtesy Red Cross
  Photo of   Bible School at the old Spray Presbyterian Church
                   c.1932 (Spray, North Carolina)
  Photo of  
Charlie Poole's grave site 
  Photo of   Developing Song Leaders Class
  Photo of   Dr. W. S. and Odessa Janney Crouch Family
  Photo of   Dupont Ladies' Softball Team, c.1952-55
  Photo of   Elizabeth Smith, First Grade Teacher, Lakeside Elementary School,1966
  Photo of   Fieldcrest 50 Year Employee Club 
  Photo of   Harold Matthews, Principal, Lakeside Elementary School, 1966
Identify This Group
  Photo of   Lakeside Elementary in 1966
  Photo of   Lakeside Elementary School--Teacher-Marsha Law (1968-69)
  Photo of   Leaksville-area Mill Payroll sheets
  Photo of  
Leaksville Class of '44 celebrates 55th anniversary
  Photo of   Leaksville High School Graduating Class of 1925

  Photo of   Leaksville Graded School Boys Band 1920
  Photos of Leaksville Woolen Mill Employees c.1908
  Photo of   Lilly Mill Pay Roll Stub- 1928
  Photo of   Madeline Brown- Lakeside Elementary Perfect Attendance Certificate 1938     
  Photo of   Manley Reunion photo
  Photos     More Old Items...
  Photo of   Mutual Aid Association
  Article     Nothing Could Be Finer- Carolina Heights Neighborhood Party 1998
  Article     One Dead In Accident at Leaksville
  Photo of  Spray Baptist Church 50th Anniversary Bulletin- October 25, 1953
  Photos of
Spray, NC 2003
  Photo of   Spray Graded
  Photo of   Tri-City Band Photos, Hugh Lee Collection
  Photo of   Under the Railroad Trestle in Spray, NC

Michele Lee Grant and P. W. Duke
Photo of   Nantucket Mill, Spray, NC, 1908
  Photo of   Spray Presbyterian- 1917

Libby Gregg
Photo of   Mrs. Holmes 5th Grade class c.1951

Carl "Buddy" Grohs
  Photo of   10 lb flour bag from Leaksville Milling Company
  Photos of
Albert "A. L." Manley
  Photo of   Dick's Drive-In 1964
  Photo of   Kirkpatrick Drug Company 1964
  Photo of   Leaksville Orange Crush bottle
  Photo of   Panoramic view of the Spray Dam
  Photo of   Sealtest- H. J. Williams & Sons, Inc.1964
  Photo of   Spray Dam 1908 Postcard
  Photo of   Spray Water Power & Land Ink Blotter

Carl "Buddy" Grohs and Abbie Manley Thomas
Photo of  
Leaksville Graded, 1984

Scott Hall
Photo of Old Gilley Bus Company Tokens

Sherry Johnson Hall
  Photo of   Leaksville Y. M. C. A. Opening Announcement- September 7,1936
  Photo of  Tri-City Band in a Parade

Lowell Hatcher
  Photo of   1922 First National Bank of Leaksville $10 Note
  Photo of   1956 Leaksville Spray Jr High Basketball Team
  Photo of   Blackwell's Record Store Label

  Photo of   Dan River Steam Station
  Photo of   Joe Thomas Campbell's "Fly Baby"  
Photo of   Log Cabin School in 1912 
  Photo of   Sealtest and Meadow Dairies Ads
  Photo of   Tommy Reece and Lowell Hatcher USAF
  Photo of   Tool Check Out Tag- Industrial Education Center- Spray

Anthony Holt
  Photo of   Ms. Katherine Austin's Third Grade Class 1965-66; Leaksville, NC

 Desiree Hurst
  Photos     Miscellaneous Draper (NC) Photos

Chris Holaday and Herman Searcy
  Photo of   1934 Mayodan Senators
  Photos of Leaksville-Spray-Draper Triplets Baseball Team 1934-42

Kate Holman
Photo of Sunset Farms on the Price Road

Ronnie Hooker
  Book     Joining of Forces- A History of Eden Police
  Photo of Balmar Theatre in Draper   
  Photo of Cook Block (circa 1940s) Spray, NC
  Photos    Interesting Receipts and Letters
  Photo of Leaksville, NC Police c.1964
  Photos   Leaksville-Spray-Draper Police Photos
  Photos   Leaksville-Spray-Draper Police Photos Page Two
Leaksville-Spray-Draper Police Photos Page Three

William W. "Bud" Howe
Photos  William "Bud" Howe Scrapbook

Rena Howell 
Photo of Ladies Auxillary On Parade

Bill Hutcherson
  Photo of  Hutcherson-Seagraves Heating Air Conditioning and Roofing

Bambi Hutchinson
Photo of Rebecca Ann "Becky" Axsom- Miss Draper Junior High 1956

Ken Hughes
  Article:   Raftin' the Dan

Steve Johnson 
Leaksville, NC State Guard Auxilary 1943

Jeffery Karriker
  Photo of Spray, NC ink blotter

Bill Knight 
Photo of  Four Photos from Bill Knight
  Photo of Bill Knight Submitted Photo

Rita Kennon McBride  
"Shorty Sims- Go eat a brick!

Bubba Mabe
Photo of Marvin Dalton and McBride Brothers Taxi of Spray
Michael Martin  
Short Stories Funny, Funny Stories From my days at Eden, P.D. by Michael Martin
   Short Stories Memoirs of A Soldier (A Spray, NC man in World War II)

Jacqueline Danaho Murphy and her daughter Kay
    Photo of Brammer's Grocery Store

Ted Nelson
   Article:  "Having a Leaksville State of Mind"

Philip Osborne, Jr.
   Photo of
1937 Leaksville High School Football Team
   Photo of 1937-38 Leaksville HS Basketball Team
   Photo of Old School house in Spray, NC 

Ace Overby
Photo of Tri-City High School Class of 1956- Branson Wayne Overby

Michael Patterson 
  Photos Michael Patterson's Photos- Page One
   Photos Michael Patterson's Photos- Page Two

Dan Pratt
  Photo of Mrs. Thomas' Kindergarten Class c.1966

J. Pratt
Photo of Leaksville Graded School 1965

Barry Price
   Photos  Old Items from the Cotton Mills of Spray, NC

Deborah Reynolds
   Photos   Photos from Deborah Reynolds
   Photo    Tri-City Boys' Band (1919-1931)
   Poem     In Leaksville (1/30/1923) By George F. Paul

Kent Richardson and Herman Searcy
   Photo of 1936-37 Draper Y Girls' Basketball Team
   Photo of 1937 Draper YMCA Baseball Team
   Photo of 1937 Draper YMCA Basketball Team
   Photo of 1953 Semi-pro Baseball Championship Team
   Photo of Bank of Draper ad in 1937
   Photo of Boulevard Theater on Fire
   Photo of
Draper YMCA in 1937 photo
Draper YMCA Photos (1936-37)
   Photo of Draper "Y" Theatre
   Photo of Draper "Y" Theatre 1937
   Photo of Hatley Laundry & Dry Cleaning (Spray, NC)
   Photo of Leaksville Covered Bridge 1938
   Photo of
Leaksville High School Junior Class of 1931
   Photos of Members of the LHS Graduating Classes of 1927  1930   1932   1934  1936   
   Photo of
Merchants Ice and Coal Company
   Photo of Motorcycling in the 1950s
   Photo of Spray Central YMCA in the 1940s

   Photo of Chief Tom Meeks and the Leaksville Police
   Photo of Chief Axsom and the Spray Police Force
   Photo of Whiskey Bust in the 1920s in Spray

Jim Riddle 
Book Secrets of Leaksville Lodge #136 by H.C. Pace, Jr.

C. W. "Bud" Roberts
   Article  Historical Sketch of Leaksville-Spray-Draper by Judge Henry P. Lane
C. W. "Bud" Roberts, Jr. Scrapbook

Mac Robertson
  Photo  1931 Leaksville High School Girls' Basketball Team
    Photo  Leaksville High School Class of 1932-33

    Photos Pictures of Scouts

Ralph Roland
   Photo of  Leaksville Woolen Mills

Barbara Saul
Photo of Five Forks 1931

Herman Searcy
   Article    Leaksville 21, Draper 6: 1948 High School Football
   Photo of 1928 Draper YMCA Basketball Team
   Photo of 1928 North Spray Baseball Team
   Photo of 1933 Spray and Draper, NC Police Officers
   Photo of
1944 Draper High School Class
   Photo of
1945 Draper High School Class
   Photo of 1946 Draper High School Football Team
   Photo of 1948 Draper YMCA Basketball Team
   Photo of 1949 Draper (N. C.) High School Sports Teams
   Photo of 1949 NC Inspection Sticker
   Photo of 1951 Draper High School Basketball Team
   Photo of 1951 Draper HS JV Basketball Team
   Photo of 1952 Draper High School Boys Basketball
   Photo of 1952 Draper High School Girls Basketball Team
   Photo of 1952 Draper (NC) High School Graduating Class
   Photo of 1952 Draper (NC) High School Sports Teams
   Photo of 1953 Map of Draper
   Photo of 1953 Monogram from Tri-City High School Sweater
   Photo of 1955 Rockingham County Champion Semi-pro Team
   Photo of 1967 Leaksville Auto Tags
   Photo of 1967 Spray Auto Tags
   Photo of Baptism In Draper
   Photo of Barney "Peg" Carter
   Photo of Burnside Store
   Photo of C. T. Ross Jewelers of Leaksville, North Carolina
   Photo of Colonnade Hotel in Spray, North Carolina
   Photo of "Dick and Willie" of Danville and Western

   Photo of Downtown Leaksville
   Photos of Draper Boys
   Photo of
Draper Graded School
   Photo of Draper High School 1951 Football Team
   Photo of Draper Motor Company 1929
   Photo of Draper YMCA
   Photo of Draper YMCA Basketball (1940s)  
   Photo of Draper Speedway
   Photo of Fieldcrest Mills in 1950s Draper, NC
   Photo of Grand Theater
   Photos of Postcards from Herman Searcy
   Photo of Herman Searcy and His Harley Motorcycle
   Photo of
J. C. Gilley , Leaksville-Spray-Draper & Danville Bus Line
   Photo of Jones Motor Company
   Photo of 
Leaksville Black Baseball Team
   Photo of Leaksville Police
   Photo of Leftwich Buick Dealership
   Photo of Lessie Jones Searcy
   Photo of Meadow Dairies half-pint Bottle
   Photo of Mebane Mansion
   Photo of
Merchants Ice and Coal Company Ice Pick
   Photo of Municipal Building in Spray, 1940s
   Photo of Nantucket Mill in Spray under Construction
   Photo of Navy Boys...Korean War
   Photo of North Spray Business District in the 1940s
   Photo of
Old Spray Bridge
   Photo of Old Aerial View of Draper, NC
   Photo of Ray House in Leaksville
   Photo of Rockingham County Creamery Company Bottle
   Photo of Rockingham County Library
   Photo of Roy Searcy

   Photo of Searcy Brothers
   Photo of Spray Bridge
   Photo of Spray Mercantile
   Photo of
Spray Service Station 1930s
   Photo of Spray Woolen Mill
   Photo of St. Mary's Mission, Reidsville, NC 1920s
   Photo of Two buildings in Rockingham County, NC 1939-40
   Photo of Tri-City Band 1940s  
   Photo of Tri-City Baseball Park 
   Photo of Uden's Department Store
   Photo of 
Washington Street in Leaksville: 1940s  
   Photo of Whiskey Bust in 1920s Leaksville
   Photo of Wilson's Beauty Shop, J. S. Wilson
   Photo of Wreck of the "Old 97", September 27, 1903

Jim Self and Smith Hailey
Photo of  Leaksville High School Class of 1937 
  Photo of  Leaksville High School Class of 1935

Sandy Shelton
   Photos  Sandy Shelton Scrapbook

Clyde Shields
   Photo of Class of 1918 North Spray School on Aiken Road

Harry O. Shively
   Photo of
North Spray YMCA Team (c.1947)
   Photo of Old Leaksville Advertising 

Martha Spencer
Photo of Ella Clyde Ray and Frank B. Jones of Leaksville, NC

John Stone
Photo of  Christmas In Leaksville, NC (Late 1950s or early 60s)
Photos     Photos From John Stone

Photo of  Unknown Leaksville (NC) Group Photo

Donnie Stowe
   Article   August 25-28, 1850
   Photo of Leaksville Milling Company
   Photo of Sheriff Carl H. Axsom
   Photo of Spray Graded 1925 Perfect Attendance Certificate
   Photo of Whiskey Still Captured in 1963

Drew Talbert 
   Photos of Draper Police Department

Steve Turner
Photo      Balmar Theater in Draper 2013
Map        Town of Leaksville NC Map- September 15, 1946 
Photos    "Farewell to the Hamilton Street Bridge"
   Photo      Mrs. Janet Jeffrie's 2nd and 3rd Grade Class
   Photo      Margaret Trantham's First Grade Class 1963-64 Spray (NC) Elementary School

Steve Turner and J. T. Hale Jr.
   Photos of Old Leaksville and Spray Documents

Brad Wade
Photo of 1963 Morehead HS Football Team
Photo of Consolidation Buried March 31, 1959 

Jane Wade
   Photo of Easter Parade, Miss Kathleen Ivy's Third Grade, Leaksville Graded

Jackie Wall  
Photos Five Photos from Jackie Wall

Robert Willis
   Photo of Nelson Farm, present site of Miller Brewery

Harrison "Big Red" White and Carl "Buddy" Grohs
   Photo of Leaksville Postcards
   Photo of Leaksville-Spray John Ray Building /Roses Store

Betty Hopper Wynne

   Photos Mildred Rakestraw Hopper's Scrapbook (Page 1 of 7)
   Photos Mildred Rakestraw Hopper's Scrapbook (Page 2 of 7)
   Photos Four Photos from Betty Hopper Wynne

Norma Axsom Zanetti , Ann (Minter) Campbell Gover and John Lloyd Axsom, Jr.
Photo of Dixie Mountaineers
  Photo of Morehead High School Athletes c.1963