Manley Reunion photo

Here is a photo of the  July 1947 Manley Family Reunion that included many long-time Leaksville, NC residents:

Child in front - Carl "Buddy" Grohs, Jr.
Front row left to right - Eldred Winn, Robert Joyce, Mildred Rakestraw Hopper, Grissom Manley, Clarence Manley, Wallace Joyce, Manley Joyce
Second row - Eva Redman Manley, Vivian Rakestraw Winn, Minnie Manley Joyce, Beatrice Manley Patterson, Kathryn Martin Manley, Ruth Boone Manley, Tommie Patterson, Margaret Leftwich Joyce
Third row - Dewey Ferguson, Dot Manley Ferguson, Albert Manley, William "Mutt" Hopper, Abby Manley Thomas, Grace Washburn Brown, Maebud Manley Rakestraw, Charlie "Boss" Rakestraw, Nelle Manley Moore, Lucille Manley Grohs, Carl Grohs, Sr.

(Photo and information  submitted by Michele Lee Grant )

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