Whiskey Bust in the 1920s in Spray, NC

Shades of the Roaring Twenties-- The Untouchables of Rockingham County Sheriff's Office in the 1920s looking over a boodle of booze captured in Spray, NC.  Left to right are: Deputies Rash Clark, former Chief of Police in Leaksville, Bob Dillon, Howard Fair and Chief Deputy Vernon of Spray.  The moonshine still that produced the illegal mountain dew was also captured.  The illegal whiskey was dumped into the canal by the old company store in Spray.  Old timers who were around at that time relate that the fish in the canal were drunk for some time.  The youngster at the extreme left is Bob Carter.  (This picture was taken at the Canal in Spray with the Mercantile Building in the background)

(Photo and information submitted by Kent Richardson and Herman Searcy)

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