Five Forks

 by  John Marshall Carter 

Standing on the corner
Watching all the girls go, 

Member it well, do yo?
I must have perched on that

Corner for years,
Like St. Symeon Stylites-
In front of the Boys' Club,
May have been Y. M. C. A.
To you.

We must have solved the
World's problems at least
A billion times-
Don't you reckon?
(Yankees like to hear Southerners say "Reckon,"
I wonder why, I don't like to hear them say,

"Hold the corner down," they used to say,
"We will!" we yelled!
Me, Mot, Bugg, Whack, Philos, Maw, Butch, Spool, 
42, Copter, ETGAW, occasional Bull McCalico...

"Sneak preview at George's place!"

Like a hub with many spokes,
We rotated our lives around
Five Forks.


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