Uncle Wince (1868-1962)
John Marshall Carter

You lived on and on, didn't you?
Sometimes I wish you were here,
Wince, I hardly knew ye!
They say you were quiet and
Brave...John Wayne would have
Liked that.
Theodore Roosevelt, too.
I can't believe it...history
Throws curves that way. Wince,
We never even got to talk about
Theodore Roosevelt, or Grant, or
Lee, or Lincoln, or anyone else
You might have respected between
1868 and 1962.

Uncle Wince fits. Grandpa does,
Too, but Uncle Wince fits you
Like snug galluses, a turned-up
Straw hat, open-neck, white shirt
and gray cotton work pants.

You should have won an Olympic
medal for siring seventeen kids,
You and Ida Sue.




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