Dixie Mountaineers

(Photo submitted by  Norma Axsom Zanetti and John Lloyd Axsom, Jr.)

The following info was sent by Norma Axsom Zanetti, accompanying this photo:

My Daddy was John Lloyd Axsom, Sr.  When I was a little girl, he played with a bluegrass band called the Dixie Mountaineers.  I can remember the group getting together to practice at our house when we lived on Merriman Street in Draper.  I was shy and would hide behind the door and peek through the crack to watch them play.

I also remember listening to the Dixie Mountaineers on the radio - WLOE.
Daddy died in 1964.  Soon after his death, Joe Searcy and others got together and had one 33 1/3 recording made from some of the old 78's made at WLOE.  They chose 8 songs.  The first two are instrumental.  I don't know why they chose those two songs because the quality is really poor.  The other songs are scratcy, but better than the two instrumentals. 
I  had a tape made from the 33 1/3 record and several other people did the same thing.  When I visited Leaksville.com a few months ago, I found a picture of the Spray Police Department that Herman Searcy contributed.  I e-mailed Herman and he sent me a copy of the picture.  He also told me that he had the Dixie Mountaineer's music on CD.  I asked him to mail me a copy.  He was kind enough to do so.  The CD he sent had the original 8 songs, but it also had a Charlie Poole song and another song I wasn't sure was by the Dixie Mountaineers.  I decided to copy the original 8 songs because they were the ones chosen by Joe Searcy and Daddy's other friends.  Then I decided it would be nice to design an album cover.  My brother had some old pictures that I remember while growing up - one was of the Dixie Mountaineers.  I thought that would make a good cover.  And, I wanted to identify the songs and those in picture - something to keep intact and pass on to family members and friends.
Norma Zanetti 
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The Dixie Mountaineers:

Lloyd Axsom, Walter Craddock, Marvin Dalton, Joe Searcy, Mouar Wilson, et al.

  Songs selections:

1. Listen to the Mockingbird - Instrumental

2. Boil 'Em Cabbage Down - Instrumental

3. Wedding Bells - Lead Vocal, Lloyd

4. Grave At The Foot of the Mountain - Harmony Vocals, Lloyd & Joe

5. I Wish I Had A Nickel - Lead Vocal, Lloyd

6. Thank God - Lead Vocal, Lloyd

7. Drunken Driver - Lead Vocal, Joe

8. Garden In The Sky - Harmony Vocals, Lloyd & Joe


Album Photograph

Unidentified Boys: Guitar

Walter Craddock: Mandolin

Lloyd Axsom: Guitar

Mouar Wilson: Fiddle

Joe Searcy: Bass

Marvin Dalton: Banjo

Originally recorded at WLOE Radio Statlon, The Boulevard, Leaksville, NC

 Photo Location: TWUA-CIO Union Hall, Spray, NC (ca. 1949)

Photo courtesy of John Lloyd Axsom, Jr.

Design by Norma Axsom Zanetti, 2002

This recording is dedicated to the memory of John Lloyd Axsom, Sr, 1919-1964

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