7th grade class at Draper Graded School c. 1935

Attached is a picture of a 7th grade class at Draper Graded School in about 1935.  Class member Veril Jones provided the picture and remembered the names.  He is 92 years young and a joy to visit.  Dink Blackwell is still living also, don't know about any others.
Left to right, 1st row:  Dewey Navey, Hazel Cochran, Clifford Carter, Louise McBride, Lendell Handy, Claudine Martin, Mrs. Sauls-Teacher, Booker Dillard, Gardner Sheriff Burnette
2nd row: J. C. Stultz, Alice seay, Veril Jones, Delife Skinnell, Douglas Lefew
3rd row:  Pauline Slayton, Louise Handy, Ethel  ???, Parnell King, Ruby Setliff, Dink Blackwell (William?),
4th row:  Irene Hicks, Nina Mills, John Hodges, H. E. Hoover, Ivan Wray, Thomas Yates,
5th row:  Harold (Piggy) Marlowe, Charles Ellis, Claudine Hodges, ????, Mildred Jones, Mabel Belton, William Mayes, Mildred Carter,
6th row (back):  Ernest Page, Monroe Harris, Lewis Gover

(Photo submitted by B. J. Carter, III)


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