Four Photos from Betty Hopper Wynne

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1- First Baptist Church Sunday School : 1920 (the man next to William Hopper on the front is Claiborne Eggleston)
2-3 Leaksville Graded School 7th grade class 1928
4- Leaksville High School Class of 1932-33.

Pictured are members of the Senior Class of Leaksville High School of 1933.  They are, left to right: 

Front Row, Unidentified, Ann Martin, Otha Younts, Beryl Hill, Harold Whitt, Ruth Foddrell, Elwood Eggleston, Hilda Kendrick, Shine Goldston, unidentified, Er--- Stephens, unidentified.  

Second Row: unidentified, Evangeline Hall, Inez Grogan, Howard Thompson, unidentified, Leone Martin, Elizabeth Warner, Hilda Gray, and Josephine Gover. 

Third Row: Martha Holt, Helen Pitterreigh, Hattie McBride, Thelma Howe, Avis Hodges, Henry Sledge, Margaret Gillie, unidentified, James Cook, and Elizabeth Griggs.

Fourth Row: Unidentified, Margaret Dent, Johnny Ault, Mabel Smith, E. Mae Hensley, Pauline Martin, Inez Hodges, Gladys Marlowe, Morris Eggleston, unidentified, and Beatrice Martin.

Fifth Row: Margaret Gillie, unidentified, Elmo Hall, Adeline Foley, unidentified, Ruth Ellington, Douglas Patterson, Claude Banks, Mozelle Ferguson, Francis Hodges, unidentified, unidentified, and Frances Sutliff.

Sixth Row: Walsie Webster, Ann Barksdale, unidentified, Edgar Roach, Molly Edwards, Garland Newman, Anna Wood Shumate, Catherine Spencer, Kathlyn Dehart, Garland "Spec" Morgan, Allie Hall, John Emory, Ruby Ray, and Claiborne Eggleston.

Back Row: Herman Litaker, unidentified, Herbert Dillon, Nellie Newman, unidentified, Robert Stevens, unidentified, Bob Archibald, Ruth Truslow, Horace Fulcher, Ruby Darnell, Raymond Thompson, unidentified, and William Hopper.

Photos submitted by Betty Hopper Wynne

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