Ms. Katherine Austin's Third Grade Class 1965-66
Leaksville Graded

           Can anyone identify any of the kids in this class?  

          Steve Turner wrote:

 1st row( from R); 4 back-Sylvia Smith 5th row (from R); 5 back-Andy ? I think Ms. Austin died over Christmas break. ??

2nd row from right, fourth back: Anna Pratt? third row from right, second back: Karen Nelson?

Sherry Martin Hall wrote:

I enjoyed the website and wanted to share identification of most of class from left to right

Row 1: Roy Hale, Byron Eggleston, ? , ? , Andy Gwynn, ?, Ms Austin (died of spinal meningitis )

Row 2:  Connie Barnes, Sherry Martin, Sharon Long, Sandra Meeks, Teresa Shockley, ? (Clemmons Kunkel possibly)

Row3:  Gloria Cobb, Karen Nelson, Alex Chester, ? , Hilda Burchell, Kim Biggs

Row 4:  Darrel Boyte, Marvin Terry, Debbie O'dell, Ann Pratt, Diane Underwood

Row 5: Tommy Martin, Vickie White, Connie Scott, Sylvia Smith, Annette Gaffney (also died of spinal meningitis after Ms Austin) last boy ?Holt

We were all put on preventative medicine after Ms Austin died. She was a great teacher and our class went to WLOE to make an album after many hours of practice in classroom learning songs.

My favorite "How Great Thou Art". Marvin Terry and Debbie O'Dell had solo parts.


Sherry Martin Hall

(Photos submitted by Anthony Holt)

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Here's the cover of Anthony Holt's 2nd grade report card at Leaksville Township. The inside is confidential, but it looks like he made the grade (see handwriting at top)...

1964-65 Principal was Homer Vernon.  Teacher was Martha M. Carter.

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