William "Bud" Howe Scrapbook

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1-    Ms. Moir's First Grade Class (Leaksville Grade School - 1949)
 2-    Bud Howe and his first fish ( yellow perch, caught in the canal at Leaksville-Spray Woolen Mill, early 1950's).  I sat on the fish while my father Howard Howe and his friend Harvey Stewart look for a stringer.
 3-   Leaksville Spray Jr. High Elfs
4-   One Last Smoke Break (Closing of Leaksville Woolen Mill - 1970 Eden News Photo).  Left to Right are: Otis Newman, 48 years service;  Howard Howe, 45 years service;  Andrew Newman, 46 years service.

(Photo and information  submitted by William W. "Bud" Howe)

Bud can be contacted via e-mail at: wwoland@ix.netcom.com

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