Draper Boys

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1- Noah McBride and Ray Newton Bainbridge, MD,1950
2- E.L. Funderburke from Draper. Entered Navy 1950
3- Five Draper boys go through boot camp together, Company 405, Great Lakes, IL April 1951: Zendale Lemons, Herman Searcy, Lonnie Law, Edward Hall, and Curtis Giles

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4- Zendale Lemons 1953 Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Zendale is retired from DuPont and lives in Eden, NC. 
5- Noah McBride (left) and Mickey Ball in the early 1950s
6- Draper Boys in the US Air Force:  Gene Carter, Wesley "Shot" Edens, H. D. Howell, and Richard "Piggy" Lemons

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7-  Billy Gowan and Calvin Gillie in December 1954, US Navy. Billy passed away in August 2006 in Spartanburg, SC.  Calvin currently resides in Charleston, SC.
8- Tyrus "Mule" Blackwell (left) and Lindsey Higgins in 1950
9- Richard "Piggy" Lemons, Herman Searcy, and Lindsey Higgins in 1950

(Photo and information submitted by Herman Searcy)

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