Leaksville High School Class of 1932

Members of the Leaksville High School Graduating Class of 1932

Front row (left to right): Sol Uden, Evelyn Hodges, Leonard Fain, King Barker, Almeria Gordon, Eunice Pulliam.
Second row: Mary Mansfield, Pickett Parker, Jimmy Bondurant, Lilly Adkins, Rachel Cowen, Peggy Mansfield, Ruth Squires, Charles Holman, Andrew Chatham, Erma Smith, Irene (last name unknown).
Third row: Paul Goldston, Pulliam, Price, Henry Pace, (unknown), Dewey Gillie, Carl "Pig Eye" Bateman, (unknown), Bob McCollum, Irene Floyd, Thelma "Ted" Brown, Gothard Winn, Price, Gladys Peters, Fred Cook, Henry Mitchell, Dale Huggins.
Fourth row:
Lillian Nichols, Sam Hampton (up), Theodore Walker, Claudine Kranze, Charles Martin (up), (unknown), Lewis Stevens, Harry Cherry (up), (unknown), Mary Warren (hat), Bill Matthews, Ruth McConnell, Charles Gallagher, Carl Hale, (unknown), Bunnon Parker, Lindsey Neville, (unknown), Wilson Wade, Ervin Squires, Bill Pittendriegh.
Fifth Row:
Howard Hall, Edith Flanagan, Lea Wade, (unknown), Russell Lamar, (unknown), Clarence Boyles, Haizlip, Did Gillie, (unknown), James Murray, (unknown), Ed Hubbard.
Back row:
Howard Barham, Dorothy Jones, Sam Matthews, (unknown), Bryant Roberts, Teacher,  Mable Wade, John Robert Boyd, ((unknown girl), C. H. Weatherly, Jack Carter, Eva Hawkins, Ernest Lamar, Frances Haizlip, James Suttenfield, Thalia Edwards, Fred Gillie.

(Photo and information submitted by Kent Richardson and Herman Searcy)

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