Sunset Glo Self-Rising Flour
Manufactured by Leaksville Milling Company

This is a 10 lb bag of Sunset Glo Self-Rising Flour, manufactured by Leaksville Milling Company, A. L. Scott, Proprietor.  If anyone knows of any further information on this company, please send us an e-mail.  

(Photo submitted by Carl "Buddy" Grohs)

Donnie Stowe e-mailed the following information and photograph:

There have been two mills on Matrimony Creek but I believe this is the one built by Joseph B.King who generated the first electricity for the town of Leaksville in 1909.  In fact the Price Road was once called the King's Mill Road.
This mill was on the south side of the bridge at the Eden city limits on the Price Road. It was water powered and had some very interesting machinery along with wooden chutes and hoppers. Mr. Scott also had a small store at this location as recently as the 1960's.  


Thanks for that information, Don.


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