Letter from Allan D. Ivie, Jr. to John Marshall Carter dated July 6, 1980


Law Offices
Allan D. Ivie, Jr.
Leaksville Township

Dear Marshall,
I certainly enjoyed your article appearing this week in the Leaksville News. When I wrote you it would be best for you in Position Employment to postpone any tribute or write up about me I could never have thought in my wildest
imaginings that so very soon thereafter, that there would be a tapping-rapping at my letter office door over a special correspondent of the Associated Press, based in New York City walked in and provided the way for me to carry the name of the little fallen city all over the United States.

In the interview, I talked of Leaksville by way of an "In Memorium" a shrine long hallowed by association and in figure of speech, language without being critical or condemning any one person or group of any unlawful act, etc.

Several little errors or misprints. Some have found a way to creep in, all of little consequence however namely, three years added to my age, (I am 73 rather than 76) as stated in the article, and the figure three evidently got tangled up by subtracting the loss in Leaksville by one vote when it should have been by three votes if the Wall Street Journal was correct, from which I quoted-, and it was not Patrick Henry's grandson but G-------. I have all of this more neatly 
and concisely set down in the office File denoted "Associated Press" if anyone attacks me.
I have kept the letters and a --- from an ----------number from all over the country in ----
praise and thanks. Porter in Portfolio, for you and all to see.

Hope you have found a satisfactory position for you Midway Stop until the opening like
Place at the U.N.C.G.-

Best wishes,
Your P---- (can't read)


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This letter (above) was written by Allan D. Ivey, a prominent Leaksville attorney to John Marshall Carter, in response to an article written by Carter about Ivie and the consolidation of Leaksville, Spray and Draper, NC.

(Submitted by John Marshall Carter)

From the Greensboro Daily News

December 1975

You would never describe Allan D. Ivie Jr. as flamboyant and yet, once you meet him personally, you'll never have difficulty recognizing him in the future.Ivie, 69, is district attorney for the district that includes Rockingham County. But in his native Rockingam County, he is even better known for his dress, his oratory and his love of Leaksville.

Daily he wears a gray striped suit and red velvet vest, a gold pocket watch tethered by a black ribbon, a broad striped tie, starched wingtip collar and high top shoes. And his white hair is long and flowing in the late Victorian manner. And always there is a boutonniere - sometimes a rose, sometimes a chrysanthemum - pinned to his lapel.

None of this is an affectation. He's been dressing this way since early manhood.

Ivie also is steeped in history and he is widely recognized as an orator of the old style, whose florid speech often is in demand.

Finally, there's Allan D. Ivie Jr., who has accepted the merger of Leaksville, Spray and Draper but nonetheless has never given up his love for his native Leaksville. He still lives in the rambling house that his father bought in 1898. And he still lists his address as Leaksville, merger not withstanding.

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