Spray 2003 Photos

Spray Methodist Church (right) on Morgan Road.  Photo made on March 18, 2003.







This is a picture (above left) of the old store on Morgan Road.
Was known as Dehart's, Southard and Burk's, Burk's and Vestal, then became Knight's General Merchandise in the 70s.
In the sixties, they delivered groceries to my grandma's house in Carolina Heights.  The guy who brought the groceries was Rudy Light.

This little store was beloved by the children of Carolina Heights. It was known by the names of "Ma and Pa Butler's," "The Shack," and "Jonesy's"

Popsicles, ice cream bars, and candy galore.  If I remember correctly, it had a dirt floor.

(Photo and information  submitted by Michele Lee Grant )

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