Margaret Trantham's First Grade Class
Spray (NC) Elementary 1963-64
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From the back table, starting with the first girl on the left: Lisa Wilson, Ann Vernon, Margaret Wright, Margaret Scott

Second row, first table, from the front: Joey O'Leary, Beth Council, Karen Liner, Betty Brown, Bobby Moretz

Second table from left, back row, starting on the left: Ginger Hilton, Pam Pilson, Joanie Edwards, James Franklin, Tim Martin, Wally Morrison, Tim Brame

Second table, from the front: Becky Noe, Chris Tulloch, Robbie Hunnings

Third table, from the back, left to right: Bonnie Sue Clark, Johnny Johnson, Billie Ferguson, Myrna Ball, C.D. Young, Frances Shipwash

Third table, nearest view, from left to right: Glenn Martin, Dwayne Jeffries, Steve Turner, Doug Hankins, Ginger Wilson, Mary Garner

(I tried very hard to remember everyone, we're getting older!)

If anyone can fill in the blanks, please write:


(Photo and information submitted by Steve Turner )


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