Leaksville "Nicknames"
Submitted by Richard Carter

These come purely from memory.  Sorry for the ones I didn't remember--most were remembered from 1930s-1960s.  --- "Spunk" Carter

The following are the nicknames of a number residents of Leaksville  and environs...

  • "Pepsi" Alley
  • "Hunt" Apple
  • "Nub" Apple
  • "Pete" Barham
  • "Duke" Belton
  • "Jerry" Berrier
  • "Snip" Berrier
  • "Aunt Fanny" Berrier
  • "Uncle Will" Berrier
  • "Crow" Bingham
  • "Doc" Bingham,
  • "Butch" Brooks
  • "Nolly" Brooks
  • "Constable" Brown
  • "Crab" Brown
  • "Dickie" Brown
  • "Abbie" Bryant
  • "Pete" Bryant
  • "Jake" Burcham,
  • "Moose" Buckner
  • "Aunt Susie" Carter
  • "Buddy" Carter
  • "Cooker" Carter
  • "Doll" Carter
  • "Dude" Carter
  • "June" Carter
  • "Kenny" Carter
  • "Pooce" Carter
  • "Ring" Carter
  • "Rooster" Carter
  • "Sis" Carter
  • "Spoolie" Carter
  • 'Squire" Carter
  • "Uncle Amp" Carter
  • "Uncle Wince" Carter
  • "Greenie" Coleman
  • "Camel" Collins
  • "Jip" Collins
  • "Pooch" Cook
  • "Blow" Cooper
  • "Crum" Corum
  • "Rubber" Corum
  • "Bubba" Cox
  • "Slim" Crews
  • "Knot" Darnell
  • "Pert T' Darnell
  • 'Nub" Davis
  • "Preacher" Dillon
  • "Snake" Dyer
  • "Dove" Eason
  • "Red" Farabee
  • "Preacher" Foltz
  • "Sandy" Frazier
  • "Chip" Fuller
  • "Puddin" Fuller
  • "Cubby" (also Jibbett) Fulton
  • "Hen" Fulton
  • "Bimbo" Gallimore
  • "Brother" Gallimore
  • "Old 88" Gallimore
  • "Chief" Galloway
  • "Chick" Gann
  • "Aunt Maggie" Gatewood
  • "Pooter" Gentry
  • "Goof" Gillespie
  • "Galax" Gilley
  • "Buster" Glenos
  • "George Greek" Glenos
  • "Barney Google"
  • "Willie" Green
  • "Baby" Griffin
  • "Big 'Un" Hall
  • "Hambone" Hall
  • "Sny" Hall
  • "Goat" Harris
  • "Hootie" (also, "Hudie", "Senator") Harris
  • "Jaws" Hayden
  • "Martha Bee" Hayden
  • "Strangler" Heffinger
  • "Greasy" Hill
  • "Jeepy" Hill
  • "Old Man" Hill
  • "Winkie" ("Wink") Hoover
  • Norman "Hop" Hopkins
  • "Randy" Horton
  • "Bagley" Hughes
  • 'Bones" Hundley
  • "Meatball" Hundley
  • "Pete" Hundley
  • "Slobber" Hundley
  • 'Punch' Hunt
  • 'Wig" Hutcherson
  • "Puss' Irving
  • 'Toodie" Jefferies
  • "Ikey" Johnson
  • "Big Train" Johnson
  • "Big Richard" Jones
  • "Big Shorty" Jones
  • "Genius' Jones
  • "Little Shorty" Jones
  • "Lum" Joyce
  • "Little Bone" Keaton
  • "Silent" Knight
  • "Red" Koontz
  • "Cager" Lester
  • "Pete" Litaker
  • "Squire" Lovell
  • "Slim" Lovick
  • "Crib" Martin
  • "Jock" Martin
  • "Knife" Martin
  • "Rabbit" Martin
  • "Squat" Martin
  • "Uncle Will" Martin
  •  Mrs. "Snoody" Martin
  • "Buster" Matthews
  • "Devoy" McCullogh
  • "Little Monk" McCullough
  • "Mister Mac" McConnell
  • "Monk" McCullough
  • "Bull" Mehalko
  • "Shug"Mills
  • "Honk" Montgomery
  • "Buddy" Moore
  • "Dr. Einstein" Murphy
  • "Rat" Murphy
  • "Bad Boy" Murray
  • "Boots" Murray
  • "Weenie" Murray
  • "Whitey" Murray
  • "Meowcat" (or, "Sourcat") Nelson
  • "Petty" (also, "Little Petty") Nelson
  • "Booger" Newman
  • "Nick"  Nichols
  • "Red" O'Dell
  • "Zizzy" Osborne
  • "Plez" Pearman
  • "Corky" Perry
  • "Lawyer" Phillips
  • "Spread" Prather
  • "Blue" Pulliam
  • "Odd-Size" Ramsay
  • "Tee" Rice
  • "Dolan" Richardson
  • "Eekie"and "Ikey" Richardson
  • "Eulie"Richardson (Jr. and Sr.)
  • "Junior" Roberts
  • "Father" Roberts
  • "Monkey" Roberts
  • "Sis" Roberts
  • "Squabby" Richardson
  • "Buddy" Robertson
  • "Demp" Robertson
  • 'Punch" Robertson
  • "Hat" Saul
  • "Wardy" Saul
  • "Dit" Shively
  • "Foot" Shively
  • "Junior" Shively
  • "Louie" Silver
  • "Big Sis" Simmons
  • "Dock" Simmons
  • "Happy Jack" Simmons
  • "Little Sis" Simmons
  • "Pannie" Simmons
  • "Shorty" Sims
  • "Duck" Smith
  • "Goober" Smith
  • "Insect" Smith
  • "Bunny" Stevens
  • "Kitty" Stevens
  • "Shorty" Stoots
  • "Bird" Stratton
  • "Babe" Talbert
  • "Lightning" Talbert
  • "Punkin" Talbert
  • "Peck" Thompson
  • "Buck" Tucker
  • "Junior" Tucker
  • "Sack" Tucker
  • "Am" Tulloch
  • "Lum" Tulloch
  • "Whet Rock" Turner
  • "Woody" Vernon
  • "Firechief" Wade
  • "Bookie" Walker
  • "Goat" Walker
  • "Spunk" Watson
  • "Goober" White
  • "Briar" Wilkes
  • "Brownie" Wilkins
  • "Uncle Bud" Wilkins
  • "Goot" Williams
  • "Woody" Wilmoth
  • "Aunt" Wilmoth
  • "Man" Wray
  • "Rube" Wray

Submitted Nicknames:

From John Marshall Carter
Ricky "42" Fulton
Tony"Bugg" Joyce
Ronnie "Jawbone" Joyce
Ronald "The Dessert Fox" Jeffries
Tim "Maw" McCrickard
Mike "Granny" Joyce
Glenn "Oggie" Ogburn
Sammy "Gam" Law
Johnny "Daddy Warbucks" Roberts
Pete "Ole D. Y." Cunningham
Darryl "Lightning" Richardson
Leon "Stinky" Murray 
Kenny "Ape" Robertson 
Steve "Hoovie" Howerton
Bill "Marauder" Meadows

From Mike "Old 88" Gallimore            
"Mott" Fulton
"ETGAW" Martin
"Buffalo Bob" Wilkes


From Clyde "Buster" Hylton                        
Billy "Tick" Parker
Richard "Dick" Humpery
Francis "Fat" Richardson 

From Almeria Brooks 
Eugene "Doodlum" Brooks

From Mike Martin
"Skipper" Blackwell
"Ham" Bowers
"MO" Clark
"Skippy" Johnson
"Mott" Price
"Univac" Smart

From Bill White
Billy "Willy" White


From Bill "Buster" Glenos
"Shag" Robertson
Bernard "Cootie" Robertson
William "Inky" Robinson


From Rae Elliott  
Melvin "Skinny" Craddock
Lewis "Toar" Newman
Carl "Pete" Jones
Taylor "Pee Wee" Butler
Ronald "Junior Prunes" Brown
Julius "Hank" Hankins
Louis "Red" Gilley
Truman "Chunk" Hopkins
Herman Daniel "Dee" Hopkins
Eugene "Eudie" Boyte
Irvin "Mutt" Gatewood 

Rae "Rusty" Elliott
Clemon "Fat" Elliott
James "Jake" Atkins
Lloyd "Lucy" Long
Durwood "Diddie" Land
Tom "Baldy" Young
Raymond "Stumpy" Thompson
Alvin "Dink" Hankins
Marvin "Taz" Price

These are boys in Carolina Heights from 1920s, 30s and 40s.

From Dixie L. Farmer Neel
Melvin "Sleepy" Farmer
Louise "Snookie" Farmer
Lottie "Shanghai-Lil" Hailey

Louise and Lottie were good friends and
neighborhood pals of Butch Brooks.

From Sheraline Thompson
Jerry �Mose� Shropshire


From Joe Zanetti

Thomas "Moonlight" Murphy
Albert "Skillet" Cassell
Howard "Tootsie" Neal
Berkley "Flick" Patterson
Clifford "Bullet" Barrow

Herman "Tink" Dickerson

I had a service station next to Moonlight's Cabs in Draper back in the late 60's; there were several who hung out in the cab stand with these nicknames.

From Brad Wade

W.L. "Pete" Wade                      
Albert "Porky" Wade
Duane "Mustard" Wade
Kenneth "Punk" Wade
Lee "Skip" Baliles
Steve "Turbo" Turman
Mike "Killer" Kallam
Franklin "Duffy" Westmoreland
John "Red" Alcorn & Johnny "Red" Alcorn
Richard "Piggy" Clark
Zack "Junior" Eastridge
Earnest "Peewee" Fraiser
Mike "Peewee" Trent
Billy "Slick" Horsley
Wilber "Wilby" Jones
Kenneth "Punch" Hunt
Gary "Bub or Bubba" Terry
Greg "Stiggy" Stegall
Everett "Ebby" Belton
Merchant Leroy or M.L. "Smokey" Hyler

From Pam Farmer 
"Gabby & Wormy" Barrow from Draper. They were twins.......don't know their real names!
Carl "Buster" Axsom....our sheriff for many years, also a Draper boy!
"Slick" Horsley...Draper. 
"Peg" Carter...old Draper policeman.
Jesse "Junior" Lemons & "Piggy Lemons" Draper again!
 "Jew Boy" Cook-Spray (Cook block!)
 Teresa "Toot" Smart-Draper, again!
"Booty" Hale...Draper. "Moonlight" Murphy-Draper. 
"Bud" Willis Draper. 
"Peaches" Ferguson-(Leaksville)-Eden.  
Gary "Mullet" Warren-Eden (Spray) 
"Doc" Sims-Leaksville.
 Landis "Dickie" Powell-Draper 
Gail "Bird" Martin-Eden
Robert "Fats" Powell my dad, from Draper!


From Penny Hill
Andrew "Gooch" Young
Courtney "Goat" Young
Winford "Wink" Howerton

From Terry Vernon
"Spooly" Carter
"Cooka" Carter
Mike "Rabbit" Vernon
David "Wild Man" Curry
Andy "Old Man" Howell
Johnny "Gong" Roberts

Most of those nicknames were late 60's and early 70's.

From Bill Price
Wesley Shot Edens, Draper
Crack Edens Wesleys Brother
Freight Train Frank Cambell
Fireball Ronnie Bell
Bong Bong Harrington
Perk Brown
"Possum" Shelton
"Wussey" Peterson 
"Juice" Joyce
"Forty" Hodges, 
"Curly" Parker, 
"Julio Carter" -Stoneville
"Rooster" Butler, 
"Snake" Heffinger
:Bubba" Ratcliff
"Meatball" Dean
"Spotlight" Johnson
"Tuntz" Cheek- Lavs Brother
"Teapot" Knight
"Rabbit" Whitt
"Ham" Roach
"Son" Price 
"Tink" Sheffield

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