Class of 1918:  North Spray School on Aiken Road

This photo belonged to English (UGG) Shields.  To view a much larger version, click here. (Note: This is a really large photo.  Please disable Automatic Image Resizing to see the actual size of the enlarged photo.

Clyde Shields e-mailed the following:

"The building is now a private residence and has been since I can remember around 1940. My dad was born in 1913 and lived on a hill behind the school at the time of the picture.  I don't know if he attended school or not at 5 years old. I do know he went there in his primary years . He must have been holding onto this picture for a long time."   Clyde              

  Douglas Boulding e-mailed the following:

"Hi my name is Douglas Boulding. I saw your photo of the old school house on Aiken Rd. in Eden. My mother is in the photo from left to right back row she is the 6th person. She told me about attending that school years ago. I also rented half of that house as an apartment years ago & i used to live there in it. My mothers name was Susie Boulding & her name was Hill Boulding. Hill & Susie was close friends with Ugg Sheilds. I remember going to his store as a young man. Ugg was a good guy. Have a great day."  Doug Boulding

If you can identify anyone on this photo, please e-mail and I'll post your comments on this page...              

(Photo and info submitted by Clyde Shields)

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