Early Leaksville National Guardsmen (1935)
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Members of Headquarters Company 60th Infantry Brigade, Leaksville, pose during training at Camp Jackson, S.C. in 1935. The unit was attached directly to Adjutant General J. Van B. Metss. The company was organized in the late 1920s, and the drill hall was over the old Carolina Drug store on the corner of Washington and Henry streets. Later the drill hall was moved to what is now the Dan River Water office on Patrick Street. In the early 1930s, an armory was built on Henry Street where the unit was housed until 1981, when it moved to the new National Guard Armory at Wentworth. The unit above had the best attendance record in the state, according to Robert Stephens, one of the members, who says the unit met for six years without a single absenteeism.  He also says it had a waiting list of 35 men who wanted to get into the unit.

The men in the picture were identified by several members of the unit, most of whom were able to name practically every member.  They are, front row, from left: Tony Robertson, Raymond Ellington, Arthur Martin, Bob Reynolds, William Ault, Pete Hopper, Nelson Yeatts, Paul Parks, Reid Tulloch, Bill Royster, Porter Setliff, Robert Stephens, Turner Hayden; second row, Charles Tulloch, Charlie Wilkes, James Corum, A. D. Roberts, Otis Robertson, Pete Robertson, Porter Fuller, Bill Vernon, Morell MeCulloch, George D. Patterson, Lester Fulcher; back row, from far left, Howard Barham, Jesse Hundley, Troy Ellington, Capt. George Ferguson, Bethel Stultz, Mark Richardson, Ed Fagge, Buddy Carter, Cliff Lester, John Gallimore, James Burcham, Otis Taylor, Earl Moore, Lewis Shivley, Edwin Chatham, A.T. Amos, (first name unknown) Craddock, Lt. W.O. Jenkins.  (photo submitted by John Marshall Carter)     

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