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Thanks to Spray native Michael Patterson for contributing the following photos.
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1- Spray Fire Department (10/20/1965) Group Photo
1st row (l-r) Capt. John Burks, Lt. Paul Murphy, Capt.. Hershell Grogan, Lt. Warren Rorer, Capt. Grief Jones, Herman Wilson, Theodore Taylor; 2nd row (l-r) Driver Demus Agee, Chief Woody Vestal, Allen Handcock, Jr., Bobby Snyder, Gene Sharpe, David Cook, Joe Shelton, Maurice Southard, Bill Hubbard, Driver Robert Turner
2- 1954
Spray Fire Department 1st row (l-r) Ed Hurd, Capt. Paul Murphy, Warren Rorrer, Chief Woody Vestal; 2nd row (l-r) Roy Martin, Asst. Chief George Aheron, Maurice Southard, Posey Earles, James Murphy, Theodore "Buster" Taylor, Dillard Robertson, A.D. "Bill" Hubbard, Lance Agee, Lt. William Earles, Hardy Rutledge; 3rd row (l-r) Lt. Jimmy Odell, Secretary Johnny Moore, Robert Turner, John Burks, Treasurer Irvin Snow, Pete Grogan, Demus Agee, Capt. Grief Jones, Capt. Jimmy Black 
Spray Fire Department (5/21/1951) First Group Photo 1st row (l-r) M. Southard, S. Cook, J. Overby, T.Taylor, L. Grogan, R. Martin, W. Earles, J. Barham, R. Priddy, S. Washburn, K. Williams, Lt. J. Burks, I. Snow, T. Reese, G. Jones, D. Cook, J. Black; 2nd row (l-r) E. Hurd, R. Griffin, J. Price, J. Turner, J. Odell, P. Earles, Asst. Chief R. Turner, Chief W. Vestal, Chaplin W.T. Price, A. Wilson, Capt. R. Dehart, A. Rorrer, Capt. A. Willis, J. Murphy, P. Murphy, Capt. G. Aheron, D. Agee, H. Rutledge, Lt. W. Rorrer, Lt. M. Cook
4- Spray Court House 1950s
(Left to right) Swanson (Pug) Carter-Investigator Sherriff's Department, Unidentified Drivers License examiner, Leaksville Police Officer John Gallimore, Deputy Cliff Rorrer, Spray Police Chief Lloyd Axsom, Magistrate Edward Hopper, Spray Policeman Clarence (Fat) Vestal, Magistrate Charlie Hunter 

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5- File Photo (c. 1960s)depicting the pouring out of copious amounts of homemade brew...
6- Spray Police Chief Wiseman Terry
and Officer Wilford Dean 
7- Merchants Ice & Coal Company
8- New Spray Fire Truck on Cook Block
Harris Nelson, Jr. Mayor; George Pickard, George Aheron Asst. Chief, Woody Vestal, Chief;  Jimmy Black, fireman

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  9- 1954 Spray Town Board Commissioner Otis Kimball, Commissioner W. T. Dix, Mayor Harris Nelson, Jr., Commissioner  Ed Hubbard. Photo taken at Old Fire Station on Cook Block behind Tri-City Pharmacy
10- Brand New Leaksville Fire Truck 
Unloading from the train on  August 21, 1954.  This is a 1954 American LaFrance 750 G.P.M. pumper.  Town of Leaksville, NC
Another photo of the above 1954 American LaFrance 750 G.P.M. pumper.  215 hp motor...Cost was $15, 922.50, and was substantially similar to the fire truck ordered by the Town of Spray on February 2, 1954.
12- 1952 Leaksville Fire Department
C.H. "Brimmie" Vernon, Ed Boyd, Leaksville Fire Truck Drivers

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13- 1949 Draper Fire Department (L-R) Billy Hairfield, Dickie Powell, John Talbert, Kenneth Shope, Jasper Gammons, Raymond Hankins, Tom Stephens, Chief Marshall Law, Asst. Chief Tom Spencer, Eph Harmon, Willie Hairfield, Nolen Powell, Harold Squires, Robert Powell, Burdock Burch, Bud Willis, John Weatherford, Slick Horsley, J. Slayton, J. R. McGavish and Moonlight Murphy.
14- New Draper Fire Truck 
is unloaded from the train in  Leaksville in 1961.  Pictured are Earl Pruitt, Bud Lewis, Jim Bailey, Eph Harmon, and Dickie Powell.
15- Fireman's Parade
Downtown Leaksville 1955
16- 1951 Fireman's Parade
featuring the old Spray fire truck.

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21- 26 S.S. Knight Oil Company Fire August 24, 1965.  Woody Vestal, Spray Fire Chief, risked his life to crawl under the tanks to turn the valves off. An explosion would have left a charred crater a quarter of a mile wide.  This fire was started by a collision of a tanker truck and a train (see photo #24-25), which resulted in loss of life. Fuel and fire quickly spread from the truck to the oil tanks.  This was the worst fire in Tri-City history to that date.  Corner of East Church and Greenwood Streets with Leaksville, Spray and Draper Fire Departments responding.  Click here for newspaper clipping.

(Photos and info submitted by Michael Patterson)

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