1948-49 Draper (N. C.) High School Sports

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Boys Basketball

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Girls Basketball

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Cheerleading Squad


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(Photo and information submitted by Herman Searcy)

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Boys Basketball Team (left to right): Mgr. Henry Newby, Jack Harden, Franklin Grant, David Mooney, Milton Martin, Herman Searcy, Jimmy Newman, Ray Newton, Billy Setliff, Galen Chambers, Alvis Hopkins, Coach J. Everette Hudson.

Boys Baseball Team (left to right): First row: Paul Cassell, Gene Carter, Russell Murphy, Lenwood Kizer, Noah McBride, Landon Johnston, Charles Cassell. Second row: H. D. Howell, Mgr., Alvis Hopkins, Ray Newton, Jimmy Newman, Sonny Atkins, Henry Newby, Bill Setliff, Cleofus Overby.

Girls Basketball Team (left to right): First row: Ruby Ann Johnson, Mary Frances Christley, Kitty Bee Gerringer, Rebecca McBride, Shirleen Hall, Doris Cochran. Second row: Magdaline Thompson, Mgr., Evadell Underwood, LaVerne Grogan, Doris Perry, Ann Perry, Barbara Radford, Miss Hall, Coach.

Cheerleading Squad: Ann Perry, Ruby Ann Johnson, Kitty Bee Gerringer, Doris Perry, Rebecca McBride.

Football Team: (left to right) Front row: Alvis Hopkins, Clarence Mayes, Otis Stultz, Richard Lemons, Russell Murphy, Jack (8-Ball) Dalton, mascot, Billy Spencer, Gerry McBride, James Barber, Paul Stophel, Jack Hardin, Coach J. E. Hudson. Second row: Billy Spencer, Jerry Johnston, Rossie Hobbs, Bobby Rodgers, Eugene Chandler, A. C. Gillespie, Henry Newby, H. D. Howell, Franklin Grant, Lenwood Kizer, James Hamrick. Third row: Billy Minter, Wayne Burnette, Mgrs.; David Mooney, Ronald Gauldin, Ernest Walker, Ray Newton, Nick Jarrett, Jimmy Newman, Herman Searcy, Milton Martin, "Whitie" Bowers, Noah McBride, Landon Johnston.

James Hamrick and Lenwood Kizer, Co-Captains; J. Everette Hudson, Coach

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