August 25-31, 1927 

If a New Orleans business group has its way, Reidsville will be on a fully paved highway linking New Orleans and New York. 

The New Orleans Association of Commerce has proposed and is now lobbying for the creation of what would be known as the Colonial Highway, which would be an all-weather road with road signs designating it as such. 

It would go through such cities as Montgomery, Atlanta, Richmond, Washington, Baltimore and Philadelphia. In North Carolina it would pass through Charlotte, Greensboro and Reidsville. 

Allen D. Ivie Jr. of Leaksville has passed the state bar examination and received his license to practice law. ... The plant of the Dan River Furniture Company in Leaksville has begun operations although only a part of the machinery has been installed. It is expected to be in full operation with 75 workers in two to three weeks. ... The trial of Noah Smith of Spray on a charge of wife abandonment has been continued in Leaksville Recorder's Court. 

J.D. Wilson, a farmer who lives between Reidsville and Leaksville, lost his home and most of its contents to a fire that is believed to have started in a kitchen flue. He received severe burns on the face and arms when he tried to go into the house and save some of his belongings. ... The schedule of the Greensboro-Reidsville-Danville bus line calls for six daily northbound trips, with the first leaving at 8:30 a.m. and the last at 6:15 p.m. There also will be six southbound trips, with the first departing at 9 a.m. and the last at 6:30 p.m. The bus line will use the Belvedere Hotel as its Reidsville terminal and also will offer connections from there to Leaksville and Spray. ... Due to cool weather and heavy rain, farmers in the Madison area are being delayed in saving their tobacco crops. 

Take a trip: Train fare from Reidsville to Greensboro, $7.50; from Madison to Greensboro, $9. 

For cleaner floors: Universal Deluxe vacuum cleaner, $48.

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