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Stephen Palmer "Steve" Turner: November 22 1956-March 10 2017

Steve was my only brother. He was very misunderstood by family, friends and strangers most of his life. The tragic event that took place on Monday, May 18, 1970, in Eden, left him with severe PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder)!

It was an hour and a half of torture where he was beaten, smothered, tied to a tree, burned 'til there was nothing left but the elastic to his underwear and left for dead. He suffered second and third degree burns on about 25% of his body, and where he was not scarred from that, he was from the skin grafts taken from the rest of his body. The burns also included his face and eyes.

The doctors feared if he even survived, he would be blind. They almost had to graft his left eyelid shut. God's grace spared him both of those outcomes...the latter at the last moment. Very numerous plastic surgeries were performed in the months and years ahead. The following five years he awoke every morning with blood on his sheets. It took that long for everything to heal.

Steve never wanted anyone to know the extent of fear he lived in daily (and nightly) and because of this, he displayed anger, rage and control issues in order to intimidate others. He NEVER would allow anyone to get such control of him again (the man had a double blade weapon up against Steve when lured him into the woods), as happened on that horrible day in May.

In actuality, Steve had much compassion for those who suffered and a great sense of humor. He had to overcome so many obstacles and struggles daily, not only with the comments by the cruelty of others (ex: 'what the hell happened to you?'), and the stares and glares, but he struggled financially and spiritually for the remainder of his life. He was multi-talented in various ways and was a great listener with great advice. He also knew God loved him in spite of it all.

In the end, Stage IV Renal Cell Carcinoma (kidney cancer) took his life. He was diagnosed in Jan., in hospice in Feb. and died 15 days later in March.

As his older sister, I learned much from his life of suffering, perseverance and acceptance. I consider him like the martyr, Stephen, in The Bible. I am proud to say Steve made a difference in my life, good and bad. As hard as our lives were growing up, there was a reason, and I always loved him unconditionally. If everything he and I both went through brought about our salvation, then it was worth it all. He will forever live in my heart. 

At the time he was burned (May 18, 1970), Steve was 13 and I (his older sister) was 15. He was in the 7th grade and me a freshman in high school, both at James E. Holmes Jr. High School. Please know he didn't have a funeral, was cremated and yet he had many people who cared about him. Also, many did not see his obituary because of the day it came out and we heard from practically no one. I want his life to count for something, because he was so misunderstood and so messed up.

I truly believe he made things right with the Lord, accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior, and we will be together again in heaven. Oh happy day!!

"I love you, Steve, with all my heart."

Paula Montenegro
Greensboro, NC

William Ernest "Buddy" Bray -Feb 5 1905-Feb 4 1967

He was my great uncle, but. I called him "Papa.". He was the kindest and sweetest man I ever met and I loved him very much. He worked as a rug weaver at Fieldcrest Mills in Leaksville. He walked back and forth to work every day. He was named "Mr. Fieldcrest" at one time and there was an article in The Mill Whistle about him.

When I was staying with them, I would meet him in the afternoon walking home from the mill coming up South Hamilton Street. He would always have a candy bar for me in one of the many pockets of his overalls.

I miss him more every day and remember that he always had time to play games with me and count the cars at night as we sat out on the front porch in the swing.

deborah reynolds

Peter Jones

i liked your site

matthew turman

I love You memaw. You have always helped me with a problem. You have done so much for me. thank you. love with all my heart. I love you barbra turman. your grandson matthew.


leaving a tribute to jennie rakes hall lived to 106, at the home of her daughter and son-in-law , william jefferson and lucinda hall jefferson. (JANE) DIED THERE IN 1928. SHE IS BURIED UNDER A LARGE SYCAMORE TREE IN THE OVERLOOK CEMETERY. SHE IS MY GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDMOTHER.

Mac Robertson

Jack Baker, Scoutmaster of Troop 15 at the First Baptist Church in Leaksville. Jack was an inspiration to many boys. Especially me. He was a family man of good moral character. He served as Scoutmaster of Troop 15 from 1950 to 1960. He then served as Chairman of the Dan River District, BSA. Jack was a man who made a difference and will always be remembered by the boys whose lives he impacted.

elizabeth williams gregg

i love my memories of home. lately i have been thinking of my first teachers at Leaksville Graded. I loved them all. first was mr.newlin. a precious person who was always there. even through high school. if we could have teachers now like ms.moir, ms.swindell, ms ivey, ms royster, ms.holmes and ms.weatherly.they were the greatest.

Joey E. Terry

My dad was Samuel W. Terry he was captured as part of the D Day (June 6, 1944) invasion while running communication cable in an area which was supposed to be secure. He spent 9 months in a German P.O.W. camp. He passed away December 26th 1976 (he was only 55). I would like everyone to give a lot of thought to what we were and are fighting for and realize that a lot of people have sacrificed for us to be here, my dad gave 9 months of his life, many gave more. I would appreciate any recognition you could give him.


"A Tribute to Mr. Ronald E Brown, Sr." March 18, 1896 - March 6, 1977
He was my grandpa and probably the person whom I loved more than I have ever loved anyone else in my life. He was honest, hard-working, generous, and kind. If only more people were like him, this world would be a happier place.

Steve Turner

"A Tribute to Pauline Wilson" "It's been 16 years since you passed, I think of you everyday. If I bothered the whole world, you were always happy to see me. You never believed unkind things, because you had the best in character. Your selflessness didn't seek recognition, for that, you deserve it all." I love you- your grandson, Steve