Funny, Funny Stories From my days at Eden, P.D.

By Michael D. Martin, E.C.P.D. Retired

About the author...Michael Martin (pictured front row, far right in the 1981 photo) is a retired veteran of 25 years on the Eden City Police Department, and has penned a number of anecdotal writings recalling his experiences.

XLIX. Eden P.D.'s Million Dollar Haul 

     I guess this was 1987 or 1988, I was the Detective Captain and it was my job to review the cases that came in and assign those worthy of investigation to my detectives. Serious cases involving personal injury or great loss of property were given prority and then, there were those cases with a low possibility of solution that were handed out and the detectives knew where their major efforts were to be directed.


     On this morning, one case had to do with a counterfeit twenty dollar bill passed at a local nightspot. Actually, that was not a high priority case for local police as we depended on the United States Treasury to do whatever investigations they deemed necessary. This was a low priority case with us and I assigned the matter to Detective Barry Joe Carter. All I really expected was that Detective Carter would collect the bogus twenty, try for prints and forward it to Treasury with a report and we would close the case as "Referral"


     On this particular case, Barry made a few phone calls and found out that this was the only  "twenty" passed at the bar that night and the bartender remembered who gave it to him. Interviews were held and the bartender named a young woman who lived on 700 near Ruffin, N.C. and gave descriptions of two brothers who were with her and a description of another man who was a stranger. Detective Carter had bitten into the seat of this case and was not about to turn loose until somebody squalled. A message was sent to Charlotte office of the United States Treasury and it was learned that they had several of these same bogus bills turning up across North Carolina and they had some work completed on the matter.


     Detective Carter and a United States Federal officer did some preliminary interviews, they picked up the woman, who had no idea that the bills were counterfeit and she named Billy Brudie from the state of Mass. way up north. He was the man that had all the money and they were just partying with him and spending his money.


       Before I knew what was going on, we were inundated with federal officers with big gold badges who wanted to do something and we all had a meeting in my office. It seems that the feds from Charlotte arrived with much enthusiasm and not much equipment. Eden City PD solved the problems as we had new radios and a '93 Ford Conversion Van that we used on Narcotics operations  and a couple of junky old surveillance vehicles. The T-men were blown away as we headed out for 700 to set up surveillance and find the Yankee boy who had too much money. We had the T-men in our van and we found places to park and watch the farmhouse where our Yankee boy was staying. Our other cars were on the road and The Rockingham County Sheriff's department had been notified and had cars in the area but away, out of sight, ready to respond if shooting started.


     I swear now, I do not remember who it was, but one of our guys decided to go have a "look see" as our boy had not shown, we knew the car we were looking for because Detective Barry Carter and the Treasury guys had rolld the female into an informant...Well, our guy pulled out to go look and ran right into our suspect, who made them for cops and a full blown, bona fide road race ensued.....Our suspect did not know the county and he did not know the roads, but somehow........he managed to flee, blindly and get away...we had the woman and we had the two brothers and we had much more work to be done to get the Yankee boy, Brudie.


     Brudie did not know that we had rolled everybody but him and he made the mistake of calling the woman to pick him up near the waffle house on 29 bypass at Reidsville. The boys from the Sheriff's Department were not to be denied a second time and they showed up at the appointed time with dogs....Brudie ran into the woods and hid in a briar patch..........the dogs drug his briar scratched and teeth bitten butt out and the deputies cuffed him. In the time that ensued, the Treasury guys executed a search warrant on the farm house and his car and found information that led to a man in Charlotte, North Carolina where they seized him and four hundred thousand dollars worth of counterfeit twenties, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of counterfiet money orders and the plates for each, along with the printing press.....

     This was Detective Barry Carter's finest hour. But I am the man who got the letter from the supervisor of the Charlotte, North Carolina regional office of the United States Treasury which indicated that his men were duly impressed with Eden City Police Detectives and his office was abuzz with tales of the operation.

Michael D. Martin

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