Leaksville-Spray-Draper-Eden Veterans

Who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their Country

Listed in alphabetical order (by last names) for all wars:
  1. CHAMBERS, WALTER "RED" (no rank given)  World War II  Shot down over Germany
  3. DILLON, LLOYD C  PVT  39 INF 9 INF Division  Spray, North Carolina 1 AUG.1943  b.15 MARCH 1916  Invasion of Sicily, North Africa Killed in Action 
  4. FISHER, ELTON  CPL Army  Spray, North Carolina  1950 KOREA Killed in Action
  5. HARRISON, WILLIAM H.  (no rank given)  Draper, North Carolina
    World War I  Killed in Action
  6. HODGES, EMERY E   ILT  Air Force Leaksville, North Carolina 11 NOV.1950
    KOREA Died while missing
  7. HOPKINS, BERNARD O.  S/SGT  Spray, North Carolina 10 OCT 1944  World War II  b.12 DEC 1913
  8. HOWELL, KENNETH RALPH  PFC Army  Draper, North Carolina 15 JAN.1968 S.VIETNAM b.28 OCT.1948  Hostile, Killed
  9. HUNDLEY, ELRIN  PVT 7th Armored Calvary  13 OCT.1950 Leaksville, North Carolina  KOREA  b.29 SEPT.1930 Killed in Action
  10. JOHNSON, WILLIAM CHARLES  SP4 Army  Leaksville, North Carolina
    29 MAY 1967 S.VIETNAM  b.19 JAN.1948  H
    ostile, Died-Wounds
  11. JONES, ROBERT L (no rank given) Air Force Gunner on the B-24, "Myrtle the Fertile Turtle". 67th Bomb Squadron, the 44th Bomb Group in the 14th Combat Wing of the Eighth Air Force.  Stationed at Shipdham RAF in England
  12. JONES, WILBERT EUGENE   SP4 Army  Eden, North Carolina   30 JUL.1969  S.VIETNAM  b.26 MAR.1948 Hostile, Killed
  13. LAWSON, WALTER KEITH  PFC  Marines  Leaksville, North Carolina 
    15 JULY 1951  Died of Wounds
  14. MC KINNEY, JERRY LAYNE   PFC  Marines   Leaksville, North Carolina  08APR.1967 S.VIETNAM b.09 FEB.1947 Hostile, Killed
  15. MARTIN, ELWIN  SGT Army  Leaksville, North Carolina  16 JUL 1952   KOREA  b.12 JUL 1929 Died  while a POW.
  16. MEEKS, LEONARD J.  PVT  Spray, North Carolina  1945 France  Killed In Action b. 1912
  17. STEGALL, HENRY N. (No rank given) Draper, North Carolina  World War I 
    Died of Disease
  18. STRONG, HENRY G. (No rank given) Leaksville, North Carolina  World War I   
    Killed in Action
  19. WILSON, LEO  PVT  Army  Spray, North Carolina  World War II  7 JAN 1944  France  b.1925  Killed in Action
  20. WRIGHT, WILLARD GERALD   PFC  Marines   Leaksville, North Carolina  12FEB.1968  S.VIETNAM  b.07MAY1947 Hostile, Killed  (Buried at Ridgeview Memorial Gardens, section C; Eden, NC)

    This list was submitted by Carl Hall, and is from a Marshall Field publication
    Location code: Blanket and Sheeting, Draper, NC; Karastan and Bedspread,
    Leaksville, NC; all others, Spray, NC. These veterans all worked at one of these plants.

  21. AKERS, HARRY  Private  Army  (Blanket Plant)  World War II  
    Entered: 14 JULY 1943  Killed in Action: 7 MAY 1945
  22. ALLEY, JOHN EDGAR  Coxswain  Navy  (Finishing Plant)  World War II
     Entered: 26 JAN 1944  Killed in Action: 5 MAY 1945
  23. ATKINS, DANIEL WEBSTER  (no rank given)  Army (Blanket Plant) World War II
    Entered: 18 JAN 1942  Killed in Action: 7 AUG 1943
  24. CHERRY, FRANK EDWARD  SGT Air Force  (Sheeting Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 11 MAY 1943  Killed in Action: 18 JUL 1944

  25. CRADDOCK, CHARLES JR.  CPT  Army  (Finishing Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 6 SEPT 1939  Killed in Action: MAY 1945

  26. EANES, JOE PETE HOPPER  T/CPL  Army  (Bedspread Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 16 SEPT 1940  Killed in Action: 11 JAN 1944
  27. EGGLESTON, EARL T.  PVT  Army  (Central Whse)  World War II
    Entered: 29 SEPT 1942  Killed in Action: 12 JUL 1943
  28. HARDY, JAMES KERMIT  PFC  Army  (Blanket Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 29 DEC 1942  Killed in Action: 14 JUN 1944
  29. HARRIS, BILLY TRAVIS  S2/C  Navy  (Sheeting Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 27 DEC 1943  Killed in Action: Date Unknown
  30. HARRIS, JOHNSIE THOMAS  PFC  Army  (Blanket Plant) World War II
    Entered: 15 FEB 1944  Killed in Action: 30 DEC 1944
  31. JOYCE, JOE CEPHAS  PVT  Army  (Woolen Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 23 DEC 1943  Killed in Action:17 JUL 1944
  32. LAND, DOWARD W.  PFC  Army  (Rayon Plant)  World War II
    Entered: NOV 1944  Killed in Action: 1 FEB 1945
  33. SLAUGHTER, BELVIN C.  PVT  Army  (Karastan Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 13 MAY 1944  Killed in Action: 5 JAN 1945
  34. SLAUGHTER, CLAUDE RAY (No rank given)  Army  (Finishing Plant) 
    World War II  Entered: 18 FEB 1942  Killed in Action: 31 DEC 1944
  35. VIA, EDWARD FREEMAN  T/SGT  Army  (Bedspread Plant)
    World War II  Entered: 18 FEB 1942  Killed in Action: 22 MAY 1944
  36. WESTBROOKS, FRANCIS  PFC  Army (Sheeting Plant)  World War II
    Entered: 1 JAN 1944  Killed in Action: 17 MAR 1945



The following is inscribed on the grave of Elrin Hundley, KIA Korea 13 OCT 1950

"I vow to Thee my Country-
 All earthly things above-
 Entire whole and perfect-
 The service of my love that asks no question;
 The love that stands the test, that lays upon the altar:
 The dearest and the best;
 The love that never falters,
 The love that pays the price, the love that makes undaunted
 The final sacrifice"

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wpe43.jpg (151059 bytes)

Elrin Hundley

wpe51.jpg (56740 bytes)

Elwin C. Martin, Jr.

William Charles "Billy" Johnson
Photo taken not long before he was killed in Vietnam.


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