September 9-15, 1926 

Most schools in the county have opened with good attendance reported. 

Leaksville township schools had a first day enrollment of 2,642, and total enrollment is expected eventually to surpass 3,000. The opening also went smoothly at Reidsville schools, where nearly 3,000 students reported the first day. 

The Ruffin school had attendance of 263, including several boarding students from nearby counties. 

It is generally agreed that the 12th annual Rockingham County fair at Leaksville during the past week was the best ever. Among the many exhibits, the most impressive was the woodwork of Sidon Allen, formerly of Hillsville. In it was displayed inlaid handwork representing years of labor and patience that he did while he was serving time for a famous courthouse shooting at Hillsville some years ago. ... Sheriff J.F. Smith and eight deputies raided the home of Stewart Price in New Bethel township and seized 106 gallons of liquor. Price is reputed to be one of the biggest liquor dealers in this part of the state. He was not at home at the time of the raid, and Sheriff Smith has not indicated if a warrant will be issued against him. 

The Hi-Y Boys in Leaksville entertained at a delightful hayride to the County Playgrounds, where a picnic supper was served. Each boy invited a girl to go on the ride. ... The speculation is that fewer acres of tobacco were planted this year in the Reidsville vicinity, but the crop is expected to be larger than last year because of the taller plants grown by farmers and the greater number of leaves harvested from each stalk. ... Meanwhile, according to a report out of Intelligence, farmer L.C. Paschal has trained terrapins to help him worm his tobacco fields. It is said the terrapins eat the worms on the lower leaves of the stalk while Mr. Pashcal catches those out of reach of the shelled reptiles. 

For milady's figure: Front-fastening girdle, $4.48. 

For traveling: Wardrobe trunk, $39.75; leather traveling bag, $3.98.

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