September 8-14, 1952 

Merven Saul Ehrenfeld, 42, has been sentenced to one year on the county roads after being convicted in Reidsville Recorder's Court of two recent instances of flim-flam. He was the victim of his own lack of self-control and an alert druggist. 

Ehrenfeld, who has a similar flim-flam charge still pending from 1949, is a sometimes shoe salesman but more often a grifter. His trick is to go into a retail store, lift merchandise from an open display and then turn it in for a refund. 

He told the court he did not know why he did such things. But when he got a refund on vitamin pills at a drug store, druggist Phil Link suspected something and trailed him until he saw what he was up to and then called him to the attention of police. 

The Tri-City Jaycees said they will canvass the community next month for old toys that they can repair and give to needy children at Christmas. ... The Reidsville Community Chest has set a goal of $23,876.50 for the six Red Feather agencies in the chest. The drive will start Oct. 6. ... Fullback John Medley bucked over from the one-yard line with two minutes remaining to deliver a 14-7 victory for Reidsville High over High Point High at High Point. Reidsville dominated the game but couldn't put away the victory until Medley's dive into the line ended a 37-yard drive with time running down. 

Ten people have filed for four seats on the Leaksville Township School board to be filled Nov. 4. The school board has been expanded to seven members, with four to be elected this year and three in 1954. ... Reidsville Republicans have opened Eisenhower-for-President headquarters at 20 South Main Street. W. Burton Wray will be in charge of the office and will have it open daily. ... The Reidsville Luckies won the Carolina League playoffs, sweeping the Durham Bulls in four games. This was Reidsville's first Carolina League title. 

For hauling: 1951 Chevrolet pickup, like new, $1,395. 

At the grocery: Eight O'Clock coffee, 1-pound bag, 77 cents.

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