September 8-14, 1927 

One man was killed, another seriously injured and a third only slightly hurt when they were hit by a car as they slept on the side of a road four miles west of Reidsville. 

The trio, who had been to the county fair at Leaksville earlier in the evening, had motored to Reidsville to visit a friend and were returning to Leaksville when their car gave out of gas near Smith's service station. But the proprietor of the store told them he had sold out of gas and referred them to another store about a half-mile away. 

Apparently along the way, they decided to take a break and sit down on the side of the road. And there they fell asleep and were hit by a passing car that did not stop. 

Russell J. Martin, about 25, of Fieldale, had a crushed skull and died instantly. John Wells of Martinsville was unconscious and was taken to a Leaksville hospital. The third man, L. L. Leonard, was from Lexington. 

Authorities said they found no evidence of liquor on the men or in their car. 

With all but the top leaves of their tobacco crops harvested, farmers now have begun the work of cutting and shucking corn. ... H. B. Scott's car was stolen from the garage at his home on South Main Street in Reidsville and was found several days later in Lilesville, Va. ... The Rev. J. S. Cook, pastor of Spray Presbyterian Church for five years, has resigned to accept a pastorate in the eastern part of the state. 

John H. Watt, 19, and Russell Tucker, 18, both of Reidsville, sustained minor injuries when a car driven by Watt ran off the Thomasville Road near High Point and down an embankment and crashed into a hen house. Watt said he lost control when he was blinded by the bright lights of an oncoming car. ... George Cobb has leased the garage and service station at Ruffin formerly operated by H. S. Cox, who has gone to Canada to cure tobacco for the season. ... A new Southern Railway station is being built at Ruffin, the old station having been destroyed by lightning several weeks ago. 

For hauling: 1-ton Chevrolet truck with stake body, $680. 

At the grocery: Maxwell House coffee, Mantez' Red Star coffee, 40 cents a pound.

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