September 28-October 4, 1922

One hundred and twenty-seven members of the family of the late W.A. Sharp joined in celebrating a family custom when they met at the home of R.C. Sharp near Madison for a family reunion. 

The day of the reunion would have been W.A. Sharp's 89th birthday. 

Mr. Sharp was the father of 15 children. His total living descendants number 141, of whom nine are children, 72 are grandchildren and 60 are great-grandchildren. 

The greater portion of these live in Rockingham and adjoining counties. 

George W. Dawson, who has taught for 25 years in rural schools, was the principle speaker for the reunion. Mr. Dawson is widely regarded, in the words of one admirer, "as the best rural school teacher who ever wielded a hickory limb in the interest of discipline and learning." Many of those at the reunion were former students of his. 

The tobacco auction season is now under way in Reidsville and Madison. The word is that the color and quality of this year's crop is much better than last year but it is rather light. 

In Reidsville, opening day sales averaged $23.32. There was disappointment among some growers over prices on the better grades but prices on lower grades were the best in several years. 

John Nunnally and Kid Jones were injured when a stick of dynamite went off as they worked at the rock quarry at Wolf Island Church. Nunnally's left arm had to be amputated. 

J.L. Harris, a laborer with the Cheatwood-Driscol road force, was struck in the back of the head with an axe by an unknown assailant at the road force camp near Wentworth. Harris is unable to tell who hit him. ... Wentworth High School opened with an enrollment of 106. The same faculty that taught at the school is back this year. 

Two fights in Reidsville attracted much attention. Charlie Oakley, a well-known ex-serviceman, was shot twice and critically wounded after he apparently intervened on behalf of a youth being beaten by another man at the home of George Allen on West Market Street. Oakley told the other man, Jesse Gillie, to pick on someone his own size. Gillie then left and returned later with a gun. ... In a more public fight, outside First National Bank, John Southard badly beat Quinn Fuqua. ... A new five-cent postage stamp bearing the likeness of Theodore Roosevelt will go on sale at county post offices later this month. ... The Federal Land Bank has loans available for farmers at 5 percent through area farm loan associations. ... Mrs. L.W. Clark has been elected president of the Leaksville Thimble Club. ... Robert B. Gwynn of Leaksville has left for Cuba, where he will resume work in the Havana branch of National City Bank of New York. 

At the movies: "While Satan Sleeps" with Jack Holt; "Sherlock Holmes" with John Barrymore. 

Price of a tractor: Fordson tractor is available through area Ford dealers at $395 f.o.b. Detroit. 

Car battery: New Willard Battery, $17.

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