Sept. 27-October 3, 1925 

It's tobacco sales season again and, as has become their custom, representatives of the Tobacco Growers Cooperation Association have been urging farmers to sell their tobacco through the cooperative. 

C.R. Warren of Chatham, Va., addressed a big meeting of tobacco growers at Intelligence, including co-op members, farmers who have broken their contract with the co-op and independent farmers. The school auditorium could not hold the crowd that came to hear him. 

The cooperative establishes prices by grades on tobacco brought to its warehouses. It then pays the grower 65 percent of the valuation at the time and pays the balance once it sells the tobacco it has taken in to companies. The purpose of Warren's visit was to discourage cooperative members, who have committed to sell all their tobacco with the cooperative, from deserting it and disposing of some of their tobacco at auction warehouses. 

This year, beginning Oct. 6, the cooperative will operate warehouses in Rockingham County at Reidsville, Madison, Stoneville and Leaksville

Meanwhile, the auction warehouses that compete with the cooperative for farmers' business, opened this week with buyers from all the major companies on hand. 

Vester Pyrtle, a young tobacco farmer near Madison, must feel cursed. First his home and its contents were destroyed by fire several weeks ago, and then, last Sunday, he lost a barn of tobacco to fire......Rotarians from Leaksville-Spray, Madison, Reidsville and Danville held an intercity meeting at Leaksville-Spray and the club drew loud praise for its hospitality......Burglars smashed a glass door in the rear of Bane's Department Store in downtown Reidsville and made off with $1,000 or more in mens' and women's clothing and dry goods. The goods were carried away in a motor truck, it is believed. 

A.J. Dixon, a prominent merchant near Reidsville, died in a Greensboro hospital of tetanus. He contracted the fatal illness about two weeks ago when a cow ran as he was leading it by a chain. The chain was drawn through his fingers, lacerating them. The tetanus developed subsequently.....The Standard Training School for Sunday School Workers was held this week at Leaksville Presbyterian Church, drawing 75 students from Sunday schools of Leaksville, Spray, Draper and Madison.....Leaksville High, which lost its opening football game to Greensboro High, found easier pickings in another Guilford County team, Pomona High. Moose Tenney's charges walloped the Pomonans 49-12 in a game played at Spray. 

From the sea: Extra select sanitary oysters, 45 cents pint, 85 cents quart. 

Let's go riding: Ford Tudor Sedan, $580; Fordor Sedan, $660. 

Let's travel: Southern Railway offers round-trip excursion fare to Miami, Fla., $26.50.

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