September 15-21, 1924 

Mail service to Leaksville should improve with the establishment of truck mail service between Reidsville and Leaksville

Under the new service, the mail truck will leave Reidsville at 6:30 a.m. and arrive in Leaksville at 7 a.m., more than an hour earlier than at present. 

This early mail will be from trains arriving at Reidsville between 5 o'clock in the afternoon and 6 o'clock in the morning and constitutes the bulk of the daily mail now received at the Leaksville office. 

The truck will leave Leaksville for Reidsville at 9:30 a.m. 

This service has been sought for some time by Leaksville residents and businesses. 

Most of the tobacco remaining in the fields should be housed in the next week or so, with recent favorable weather helping to give the tobacco more weight. This year's crop is said to be curing with more weight and fair color.... Austin Carter, the former Danville insurance agent sentenced to death for killing his wife at Reidsville last year, has been granted a reprieve from his execution by Gov. Morrison, with a new execution date set for Nov. 15. Attorney P.W. Glidewell hopes to save his client from the electric chair by presenting the governor with affidavits that show Carter is mentally unbalanced.... A number of Leaksville and Spray citizens want to establish a country club on the hard-surface road to Reidsville and now are looking for possible sites. 

Jeff Montgomery, 60, has died of injuries received when he was hit by a car in Reidsville as he rode his horse along the street.... The condition of Charlie Dodson, well-known Intelligence farmer, continues to improve after he was seriously injured in a fall from a load of fodder he was hauling to a barn. He fell under the wagon and its wheels rolled over him.... H.P. Brown, who lives near Reidsville, lost a barn of tobacco to fire. The loss was estimated at $500. 

For the house: Three-piece bedroom suites in mahogany and walnut, with mattress and spring, $131.50. 

Let's go riding: Nash four-door coupe, four cylinders $915; six cylinders up to $2,190. 

At the grocery: Irish potatoes, 35 cents package; young chicken, 35 cents a pound; grapes 25 cents a basket; cabbage 5 cents a pound.

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