October 14-20, 1926 

Funeral services were held in Leaksville for S.M. Hampton, owner of the Leaksville telephone system, who committed suicide in a stable near his home. 

Mr. Hampton's health had not been good, and this, coupled with overwork and worry with installing a new telephone system, is thought to have been the cause of his taking his life with a shotgun. 

A native of Cascade, Va., he had lived in Leaksville for 26 years and was prominent in community affairs. He leaves his wife and several children. 

John Shular, 94, who served with Gen. Robert E. Lee during the Civil War, died at his home at Ruffin. He leaves three children, 18 grandchildren, 92 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. ... Prices being paid for tobacco in the auction warehouses at Reidsville and Madison are holding up well. In one recent sale at Madison, a Mr. Pegram of the Stokesdale area averaged $35 per hundred for a load and was said to be delighted with his high prices. ... Democrat gubernatorial candidate Cameron Morrison this week ventured into Republican-leaning Leaksville to speak at a Democratic rally in the grade school auditorium. 

Mrs. A.E. Millner was hostess to the Border Book Club at her lovely new home on Hamilton Street in Leaksville. The rooms were made more beautiful by an effective arrangement of fall flowers. Mrs. T.H. Barker read a selection from O. Henry's "The Cop and the Anthem." ... Fred Sharpe was given a pig after being named winner of a hog-calling contest at the Bethany community fair. It was said the calls were so loud that many hogs in the community tried to break out of their pens in order to answer the calls. ... Rockingham voters will have a choice of Smiths when they vote for sheriff next month. J.F. Smith of Reidsville is the Democrat candidate; R.T. Smith of Leaksville is the Republican candidate. 

At the grocery: Liggett's coffee, 2 pounds, 76 cents. 

Vehicle for sale: Hudson seven-passenger sedan, $1,815.

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