Oct. 7-13, 1926 

Petty thieves have been making a nuisance of themselves in the Leaksville area recently. 

B.F. Ivie's store was broken into and the burglars made off with $50 worth of shoes and other merchandise. Thieves also entered W.C. Carter's store and filling station near Leaksville and took much of his merchandise. 

Two attempts to break into the Hat Shoppe were unsuccessful. 

There also have been break-in attempts at homes, but residents heard the noise and scared off the burglars. 

Crowds attending a three-day session of the Salem Primitive Baptist Association at Sardis Church near Madison were estimated at upwards of 10,000. ... Tragedy struck at two Leaksville homes during the past week. Joseph Meeks, 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Meeks died of membranous croup and diphtheria in the Leaksville hospital, and Thomas Frederick Kelly, 11-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Kelly died after whooping cough developed into meningitis. ... W.F. Humbert, formerly with the engineering department of Carolina Cotton and Woolen Mills, has joined the Charlotte-based Factory Insurance Association as a traveling agent. 

Prices of $20 to $30 per hundredweight for medium grades of tobacco being paid so far on the Reidsville auction market are well above those paid a year ago. Farmers seem to be well satisfied, and they are rejecting fewer bids by tucking the tickets on their piles of tobacco. ... The Wentworth consolidated school opened with a full complement of teachers and enrollment of 300 students. ... J.M. Hopper Construction Company of Leaksville has been given a contract to build a garage in Spray for the Cook brothers, who will operate the Dodge Brothers car and truck dealership. 

Fabric sale: 12 Mommie Japanese Pongee silk, 55 cents a yard.

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