Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 1948 

A set of Deagan chimes given to Ruffin Methodist Church in memory of Dr. Charles R. Wharton were dedicated Sunday in a special program conducted by the Rev. F.W. Dowd Bangle. 

The notes of the small musical bells are electronically amplified so they can be heard for miles around. Participating in the dedicatory service were the Rev. Walter R. Thompson, former Ruffin pastor and now at Bessemer Methodist, and Mrs. J. Berrye Worsham, church organist who played the chimes, and John Washburn of Ruffin, soloist. 

Mrs. Charles R. Worsham made the formal presentation of the chimes and they were accepted by Mr. J. Berrye Wharton, chairman of the church trustees. 

Mrs. Worsham and her children gave the chimes to the church in memory of her husband and their father, a longtime physician in the county and a member of the church board of stewards. He also was county coroner for many years. 

The Reidsville Studio Bazaar, originally intended to be a one-day affair, was so successful it was continued for several days. Funds raised from the bazaar will be used to establish a community crafts center. ...Marshall Law has been elected fire chief of Draper. A campaign to raise $10,000 for a fire truck and fire equipment is continuing. ...Rockingham County farmers are planning to contribute two carloads of corn and wheat to the Friendship Train now making its way through the state, collecting food and clothing for for distribution in war-torn Europe through the Christian Rural Overseas Program. One car will be loaded at Madison and one at Reidsville and these will be sent to Greensboro to be added to the Friendship Train there. 

J. Sam Hudson of Ruffin received a $100 savings bond for averaging 134.9 bushels of corn per acre, the most of any farmer in the county competing in a corn-growing contest sponsored by the Reidsville Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with county agricultural agencies. ...Military rites were held at Overlook Cemetery in Leaksville for Pvt. Leonard J. Meeks, 33, of Spray, who was killed in action in France in 1945. ...In a suit for property damages and personal injury heard in Superior Court at Wentworth, Mr. and Mrs. H.O. Eggleston of Reidsville were awarded a total of $1,250 and court costs from Dr. Gary B. Tourjee of Reidsville. The suit stemmed from a traffic accident. 

For milady's head: Brewster draped beret in fine fur felt, $8.95. 

Santa Claus suggestion: J.C. Higgins bicycles, $33.33. 

Santa Claus suggestion: Horsman 17-inch baby doll that talks and has moving eyes, $5.98.

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