Nov. 29-Dec. 5, 1923

Architect James W. Hooper has completed plans for the Leaksville hospital, which will be built on the old Lane property at the corner of Henry and Jay streets. 

The 33-by-35-foot building will be two stories with a basement. 

Contractors have been asked to submit their bids by next week and the contract will be let shortly after that. 

George Moore, Leaksville water and sewer superintendent, reports between 60 and 70 water connections have been made to the town system and those who have begun getting water say they are delighted with the satisfaction and service they get from it. ...Harry J. Penn, well-known tobacconist and manufacturer of Madison, who was seriously ill for a week with pneumonia, is making a rapid recovery, his friends will be glad to learn. ...Sheriff Turner and prohibition agents have destroyed a 200-gallon copper still near Reed Creek. They also destroyed 5,000 gallons of beer and 20 gallons of corn liquor. 

An elaborate program was rendered at Calvary Baptist Church west of Reidsville by the young people of that church. It attracted an unusually large attendance. ...Tony Cox and another man were robbed just south of the trestle bridge at Spray. Cox said he had just crossed the bridge going toward Leaksville and was about to meet up with the other man walking toward him when a robber stepped out from a cover of vines and held them up at pistol point. The bandit got $7 from Cox, $5 from the other man, who was unknown to Cox. 

Mrs. D.F. King of Leaksville is at it again. She was one of the founders of the Thimble Club about 13 years ago - the oldest social club in town - and she also was the founder of the Woman's Missionary Society of the Leaksville Baptist Church. Recently she invited 22 ladies to her home, Idlewild, where she proposed they form a club that would meet fortnightly in a member's home, in alphabetical order. Its object would be sociability and serving. Everyone agreed and the first meeting will be in two weeks at the home of Miss Mary Winn Abernethy, at which time they are expected to decide on a name for the club. 

For milady's head: Cloche, droop brim, oriental turban and cavalier fall hats, $3.95 up. 

Santa Claus suggestion: Velocipedes, $3 to $20. 

Santa Claus suggestion: German painted dolls with moving eyes, red hair, $1.25.

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