November 22-28, 1925 

The Reidsville High School Golden Tornado concluded a successful football season with a 19-17 victory over intracounty rival Leaksville

The victory was clinched when Thornburg, Reidsville's star center, intercepted a pass in the final minutes after Leaksville drove to the Tornado 30-yard line. 

Brown and Minos starred in the Reidsville backfield while Thornburg was the dominant line player. Leaksville's guard, Rose, also was exceptional. 

The Reidsville boys finished their season 8-2 and are looking forward to next year when they hope to do even better. 

Two Rockingham boys were accident victims. Billy Gibson, Ruffin second-grader, was hit by a car and was admitted to a Danville hospital with a fractured skull. Arnold Turner, 5, was accidentally shot in the right eye while playing with an air rifle at his Reidsville home. It is thought the sight in the eye will not be impaired permanently. ... Miss Helen Fowlkes of Pelham was crowned queen of the annual athletic tournament staged at Ruffin school. Some 300 attended. ... An electric traffic signal has been installed at the busy Scales-Gilmer Street intersection in Reidsville. 

One night recently while returning to his home in Reidsville from Greensboro, H.B. Cardwell saw something white run across the road in front of him. He stopped to see what it was and found the critter to be a white possum. He captured the animal, took it home with him and now the possum, white as a lamb, has become something of a pet at the Cardwell home. ... Dr. Kestler, manager of the Thomasville Baptist orphanage, filled the pulpit of the First Baptist Church in Leaksville and made an enlightened talk on the growth of the orphanage. ... Two mules left standing briefly on Washington Street near the railroad track in Leaksville broke and ran when frightened by the noise of a shifting engine. One mule ran into a post with terrific force, gashing its head. Dr. Smith, veterinarian who was called to the scene, gave the mule several stitches and said it would recover. 

For the Thanksgiving table: Young turkeys, 35 cents a pound; Swift premium hams, 37 cents a pound. 

For the sweet tooth: One pound peanut brittle, 29 cents. 

Make music at home: Upright piano, $295 to $550.

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