Nov. 2-8, 1922

The Rockingham Club has been formed at the University of North Carolina by the 37 students from the county now enrolled at the Chapel Hill school. 

The Rockingham enrollment, which includes 18 freshmen, is the highest ever from the county. The club is represented in every department and in many activities at the university. 

Officers are W.W. Gwyn, president; E.D. Apple, vice president; and F.S. Griffin, secretary-treasurer. 

The club has set as a project the collection and writing of a history of Rockingham County. The members will work on this during odd hours as their studies and other activities permit. 

Rockingham County went heavily for the Democrats in this week's elections. Major C.M. Stedman, a Democrat who won the Fifth District congressional seat by a 2,000-vote margin, carried Rockingham by 800. Some 7,000 voted, but that was much lighter than two years ago, a presidential election year. ... Work has started on a $3,000 addition to Calvary Baptist Church west of Reidsville. Two Sunday school rooms will be added and other improvements made. ... Caswell County authorities have let a contract for a steel bridge on Mayfield Road, which connects that county to Rockingham County. The work will cost about $2,500 and should be completed in 30 days, but the road will not be closed since the stream can be forded at that point. The county started a wooden bridge over the stream several weeks ago, but flooding washed it away before it could be completed. ... Squire John R. Moore, one of the county's best known and most respected farmers, died unexpectedly at his home near Bethlehem Church. Although 77 years old, he was in good health until stricken. He was a Confederate veteran. 

Leaksville High School, host to the Greensboro High School second team, rallied with two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to beat the visitors 18-13 in football. ... Dr. J.J. Taylor, former Baptist minister in Leaksville, has returned to his home in Jasper, Ala., after returning to Leaksville to conduct the funeral of D.F. King, one of Leaksville's oldest citizens. ... The home of Mr. and Mrs. Cosmo Benson in Reidsville was the scene of a delightful affair last week as Misses Helen and Elsie Benson entertained at a Halloween party. The spacious living room, hall and parlor were decorated with fall flowers, while the dining room was made lovely by Halloween decorations of pumpkins and soft candle light. In the dining room, guests were given small cards which, when opened, announced the engagement of Elsie Benson. ... In Leaksville, Miss Minnie Walker entertained at a Halloween party at "Follytop," the home of her parents. Rooms were aglow with shaded lights and charmingly arranged Halloween decorations. Quantities of chrysanthemums in shades of yellow, gold and bronze were arranged in silver and crystal baskets throughout. 

At the movies: "Strength of the Pines" with William Russell; "The Man Who Saw Tomorrow" with Thomas Meighan. 

Men's dress shirts: Percale and madras shirts in check or pin stripe, $1.50. 

Men's hats: $2.85 to $4.85.
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