November 11-17, 1926 

The Leaksville area was stunned this week by the audacity of two robbers. 

In one instance, at the home of M.G. Wilson in Leaksville, a burglar removed a screen from a first-floor window, climbed in the house and took a pocketbook containing $9 from the trousers of C.J. Tinsley of Greensboro, who was sleeping in the room. 

Mr. Tinsley, who was on a hunting trip to the area and was a guest of Mr. Wilson, did not awaken until the rogue was making his way out the window. 

In the other instance, at Price, about nine miles from Leaksville, storekeeper Joe Holland was held up at the point of a pistol by a robber, who compelled him to open the store safe and turn over $50 to a gunman. 

The robber, however, was not satisfied he had gotten everything of value from the safe and forced Mr. Holland to open it again. But about that time, a car drove up to the store and he ran out and disappeared. 

A collision of a car with a mule-drawn wagon on a sharp curve on the Leaksville-Reidsville Road about three miles from Leaksville left both the car and wagon both badly smashed and one of two mules so hurt it probably will die. Neither the car nor wagon driver was seriously hurt. ... The chauffeur of Jefferson Penn was cleared in the general court at Reidsville of any fault in an accident some months ago that claimed the life of Mrs. J.W. Stone. The Stone estate sued Penn and his chauffeur, Inard Echdoll, for $50,000. Echdoll was driving a Penn-owned truck in the fatal collision on the Reidsville-Danville Road. ... William Bland, 10, son of Mrs. J.T. Bland of Stoneville, died from tetanus that developed after he accidentally shot himself with a blank cartridge last week. 

A hunting party composed of Madison-area residents J.W. Hopper, Dr. A.F. Tuttle, J.P. Givens, Harvey Fritts, B.B. Martin and J.E. McAlister returned from Pamlico Beach with 50 geese and other game as evidence of a successful trip. ... Warehouses in Madison and Stoneville owned by a subsidiary of the bankrupt Tri-State Tobacco Growers Cooperative Marketing Association will be sold at auction Dec. 14. A federal judge ordered the warehouse sales as part of the liquidation of the failed farmers' coop. 

At the grocery: Sugar, 7 cents a pound. 

Take a picture: Eastman Kodak cameras, $2.50 to $25.

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