November. 3-9, 1927 

According to Fifth District Highway Commissioner J. Elwood Cox of High Point, a contract will be let in December for hard surfacing the four miles of road between Leaksville  and the Virginia state line. Commissioner Cox also reported that the state of Virginia has allocated funds for paving the road from Ridgeway to the state line. Meanwhile the road between Martinsville and Ridgeway is under construction. When these projects are completed, motorists of the area will have a splendid road to the north. The paved road is expected to bring more tourists to the area. 

The county farm, cultivated primarily with prison labor, has produced 250 bushels of Irish potatoes, 410 bushels of sweet potatoes, 356 bushels of wheat and 400 bales of straw. The farm's managers expect to shuck at least 25 bushels per acre from the 15 acres planted to corn. Two acres of tobacco made 900 pounds and sold for $194.67. Meanwhile, the prison labor will be used to kill 20 hogs when the weather turns colder. The first killing frost of the fall arrived this week, about three weeks later than usual. ... Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Marsh of Reidsville have moved to Leakesville where Mr. Marsh is manager of the new Piggly Wiggly grocery store. ... Hugh Gordon of the Monticello community had a barn of good tobacco stolen during the past weekend.

For milady's feet: Satin pumps with shapely Spanish heels, $6.95. 

For milord's feet: Black or tan calfskin oxfords, $6.

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