May 17-23, 1923 

All the mills in Leaksville, Spray and Draper shut down Wednesday to allow their 3,000 employees to attend the community festival now under way in Leaksville

The weeklong festival is sponsored by American Legion Post 119. 

Wednesday was designated as Legion Day and featured a number of events, including singing by Paul Weaver of the University of North Carolina, folk dances, athletic contests and speeches by a number of notables. 

Southland Film Co. of Greensboro took pictures of the day's events. They will be included in a motion picture to be made of the Legion activities over the next several months. 

Rockingham County has 3,754 cars in it, an average of one for every 12.4 residents, according to the University News Letter's annual compilation of automobiles by county. ... York Glass of Reidsville, who signed with the Newark professional baseball team when it trained here earlier this spring, has been farmed out to York, Pa., where he is making a strong impression. His home run was the first of the year for the York team. ... George W. Martin, 73, twice mayor of Madison and chairman of the county Board of Education for 23 years, died at his home in Madison. ... The Rockingham County playground near Wentworth will open for its second season June 9. Last year between 15,000 and 20,000 people participated in events at the playground, believed to be the only county-controlled playground in the country. 

Mrs. Margaret O. Warren, 30, of Reidsville was found not guilty of larceny of a pocketbook from the store of Mrs. R.L. Stone in Reidsville after several witnesses at the Wentworth trial testified to her good character and the prosecution could offer only circumstantial evidence implicating her. Spectators in the courtroom began applauding when the jury verdict was announced, much to annoyance of Judge Shaw. He assessed one young lady a $5 contempt of court fine when he saw her applauding and then doubled it when she protested she was not the only one clapping. ... In another case, anti-saloon lecturer, poet and author Carl Countryman of New York was found not guilty of larceny of $400 from Boulevard Bank in Leaksville. He faces a similar charge involving the Bank of Stoneville. Witnesses against him claimed he played an elaborate shell game on the banks by opening different accounts, quickly writing checks and then withdrawing his money before the checks had cleared. 

Graduation gift suggestion: Eversharp pen and pencil set, $10. 

Make the soil fertile: Fisco standard fish and potash fertilizer, $25 per ton. 

For the man: Men's all-wool pants, $2.98.

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