March 25-31, 1951 

An escapee from a Virginia prison who had vowed not to be taken alive was captured near Spray by Sheriff Leon Worsham. He not only was taken alive but without a struggle. 

The man, Ellis Scott, 30, had fled from a Fairfax County, Va., prison where he was serving time for an armed robbery in Martinsville about a year ago. 

Since the escapee's father and wife live close to each other near Spray, Sheriff Worsham and nine deputies staked out the houses, hiding in woods. When Scott and his wife came out of the house and went into the woods and sat on a log, two deputies nearby quickly threw their guns on him and ordered him to surrender, which he did. 

But he told them that, if his wife had not been with him, "you would have had to kill me." 

Fieldcrest Mills closed its plants in Leaksville and Spray to avoid any risk of violence as members of the Textile Workers Union of America went on strike. Some 4,100 workers were affected by the shutdown. ... The repaving of Bridge Street and upper Hamilton Street and the building of a new bridge across Smith River at Spray will be done this year, Leaksville Mayor John Smith Jr. said. Bridge Street also will be widened by 16 feet. ... John Smith and Sons of Leaksville has been given a contract for $40,000 to build an addition containing a cafeteria, music room and vocational shop at Douglass High School in Leaksville

Gov. Kerr Scott will speak at the 88th Emancipation Proclamation celebration at Douglass High School. All Negroes in Rockingham County and surrounding counties are being urged to attend and bring floats, cars, wagons or horses to participate in a procession leading to the school. Bands from Burlington, Madison and Leaksville will lead the procession. ... John M. Geer has been reelected to the Leaksville Township Board of Trustees for a five-year term, defeating Robert R. Moore by a 749-548 margin. ... The Rockingham County Fine Arts Festival has been scheduled for May 18-20 and will be held in the Central YMCA building at Draper. 

At the grocery: Fresh country eggs, 53 cents a dozen; Red Band flour, 10 pounds, 99 cents. 

Sleep comfortably: Innerspring mattress, $38.88. 

For cleaner floors: Kenmore vacuum cleaner with attachments, $35.

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