March 25-31, 1926 

The Leaksville Chamber of Commerce has called for the spending of $500,000 for schools in Leaksville township and has named a committee to seek public support for the expenditure. 

The committee will try to get as many citizens as possible to attend the next meeting of the county commissioners in Wentworth and urge the commissioners to provide funds for the schools in their next budget. 

According to the chamber, there is an urgent need in Leaksville, Spray and Draper for additional school facilities, with all three graded schools overcrowded and the present high school building in serious need of remodeling or replacement. 

A thief or thieves broke into the pressing club of George Trent in Leaksville and made off with 10 or more suits of clothes left there by customers. The loss was put at several hundred dollars. ... Because of influenza that has stricken congregations and pastors, only two Reidsville churches held Sunday night services this week. ... Deputy sheriffs found a one-gallon copper still hidden in bushes about seven miles southwest of Reidsville. They said the still was small enough to sit on a kitchen stove and operate, and they speculated its owner kept it hidden in bushes between sessions with it on a stove. 

There was a feeling of Easter and spring in the home of Mrs. T.J. Robertson in Madison as she hosted the Dolley Madison Book Club. Tall crystal vases of daffodils and forsythia were interspersed about the house, along with artistic arrangements of little Easter chickens and rabbits. ... A fire at the handsome residence of Dr. E.E. Richardson on Washington Street in Leaksville was quickly contained by the fire department. The fire originated on the wooden shingle roof, and while there was little exterior damage, water leaking through the roof did do damage to the interior and furnishings. ... Twenty-three peach trees were planted on the dormitory campus at the Ruffin School as part of a faculty entertainment program consisting of three one-act plays. The publishers of one of the plays require planting of trees in connection with its presentation. 

At the grocery: Fresh country eggs, 33 cents a dozen; self-rising flour, 24-pound bag, $1.45. 

Sleep comfortably: Simmons Beautyrest mattress, $39.50. 

For cleaner floors: Universal electric vacuum cleaner, with all attachments, $49.50.

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