March 18-24, 1926 

Violators of the Prohibition laws had a tough time of it this week in Rockingham County, as officers from Leaksville to Reidsville to Madison cracked down on possessors of alcoholic beverages. 

In Leaksville Deputy Sheriff Fair spotted a suspicious car and gave chase, finally overtaking the Chevrolet near Reidsville. He found 20 gallons of liquor in it and took the woman who was driving to the jail at Wentworth to await a hearing. 

Deputies Smith, Durham and Stokes captured 10 gallons of whiskey and seized a Ford coupe in a raid at a home about four miles from Reidsville on the Reidsville-Leaksville Highway. They arrested a man and a woman at the scene. 

On the west side of the county, Madison Police Chief George Martin and Mayodan Police Officer Walter Shafer made two raids in the Huntsville community, seizing a 20-gallon copper still in one raid and another still about twice as large in the second raid. No arrests were made. 

About three gallons of liquor and a still were found by Prohibition Officer Posey Flinchum in a smokehouse about three miles east of Madison. Flinchum also arrested one man and seized four gallons of liquor and a small amount of beer in a raid near the Walnut Cove power plant, where he found a still in operation. 

The influenza and pneumonia epidemic continues to afflict Madison. Undertakers have averaged more than one funeral a day since late February, with many of the deaths attributed to influenza and pneumonia. ... Roscoe Shelton, mayor of Mayodan, has been critically ill with pneumonia but is said to have improved some and there now is hope for his recovery. ... William Stanley died at age 104 at his home near Trinity on Reidsville Route A, leaving eight children, 22 grandchildren, 72 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren. Born near Reidsville in 1821, he was a slave supervisor before the Civil War and after the war farmed in Rockingham County until ill health finally overtook him a few years ago. 

The Rev. Addison Rans of Kesnick Grove, N.J., spent a week at the home of the Rev. W.J. Gordon while conducting a Bible conference at St. Luke's Episcopal Church at Leaksville-Spray. ... King Furniture Company, owned by W.F. and J.F. King, has opened temporarily in the woodworking shop of Leaksville Lumber Company and begun producing sample pieces of furniture. ... The railroad bed between Leaksville and Ridgeway, Va., graded about 10 years ago, reportedly may finally get some tracks laid on it. The roadway is being resurveyed and may be used to connect Leaksville with the Norfolk and Western line at Ridgeway. 

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