March 17-23, 1952 

Lights and poles now at the Tri-City Baseball Park have been donated to the Leaksville township schools for use at the Morehead football stadium. 

School Superintendent John M. Hough said the lighting equipment will be moved and installed as soon as practical. 

The lights at the ballpark have been owned for several years by the Spray Civic Association, which is composed of Fieldcrest Mills, Spray Cotton Mills, Morehead Cotton Mills, Leaksville Woolen Mills and Spray Mercantile Association. But, except for high school football games, the lights have been little used since professional baseball was discontinued in the Tri-Cities several years ago. 

John B. Dockey of Route 5, Reidsville, took the advice of Assistant County Agent Charles M. Turner and began feeding his chicken flock a higher protein ration. And, he reports, it has paid off. Where before the 74 chickens were laying only a small percentage of their potential, the flock in February averaged 19.3 eggs per bird and gave him an income of $24.15. ... A $109,000 Rockingham County school bond issue was sold to First Securities Corp. of Durham at 1.5884503 percent interest rate. 

Master Sgt. Walter L. Pulliam of Route 2, Leaksville, has been awarded the Silver Star for leading his platoon in an assault and charging through withering fire to overcome an enemy force controlling a strategic hill in Korea last September. Sgt. Pulliam, who earned the Purple Heart during World War II, was recalled to active duty for the Korean War in October 1950. He was released from active duty last October and now works for Dan River Mills in Schoolfield, Va. ... The Reidsville Coleman-Southard American Legion Post has endorsed Superior Court Judge Allen H. Gwyn's bid for the State Supreme Court. Gwyn, a veteran of World War I, is a charter member of the Reidsville American Legion post and a former commanding officer of the Reidsville National Guard unit. 

Easter finery: Spring hat with veil, $15.95; black patent pumps $12.95. 

At the grocery: Short grain Comet rice, 12-ounce package, 12 cents.

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