March 15-21, 1923 

Heavy rains have sent rivers and creeks in Rockingham County overflowing their banks, with water reaching levels unseen since the flooding of 1906. 

The bridge contractor on the Leaksville-Reidsville road suffered major losses when the raging flood waters swept lumber stored at the Hamilton Street bridge downstream and washed away sand hauled in for building of the bridge. The contractor's machinery also was damaged. 

Traffic between Reidville and Leaksville-Spray was suspended because the road, at points, was under several feet of water. 

The Dan River was at its highest point in years, and Smith River and other creeks also were swollen to near-record levels. In some instances, the water came to within 10 feet of levels recorded in the legendary floods of 1879. 

Officer Neely of Madison captured 21 gallons of whiskey on a southbound Norfolk and Western passenger train. Cans containing the whiskey were tied with ropes on top of a passenger car. ... At the March meeting of the Reidsville Library Association, it was reported the library had a circulation of 2,274 books in the past quarter. ... P.F. Osborne, one of Leaksville's most successful businessmen, has purchased the Leaksville Electric Baking Co. and plans to make it into one of the most modern bakeries in this section. 

J.E. Williamson of American Tobacco Co. in New York has spent several days in Reidsville helping get work started on a project doubling the capacity of the company's Penn Branch. The first installment of 100 new machines has been received. ... The Newark, N.J., baseball team will do its spring training in Reidsville beginning next week. A committe of Reidsville citizens has been named to work with the Newark team and to assist visiting teams in matters pertaining to their convenience while in Reidsville. ... The county commissioners have agreed to reimburse the state for construction of a hard surface road from Settles Bridge to Madison and to repair the old macadam road from Wentworth to Settles Bridge. With this, there will be a hard surface road all the way between Reidsville and Madison. 

On the radio: "Americanism," speech by Theodore Roosevelt Jr., assistant secretary of the Navy, 8 p.m., WJZ (360 meters), Newark, N.J. 

For the man: Two-pants suits, $25 to $35. 

For the man: Spring hats, $4 and $5. 

Keep it cool: Army-Navy stores now have officer's style refrigerator, 130 pounds ice capacity, $37.50.

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