June 24-30, 1926 

A Leaksville Recorder's Court jury wasn't pleased with the undercover work of a Lynchburg, Va., detective brought into Rockingham County to catch Prohibition Law violators. 

As a result of the detective's work, a number of persons were charged with liquor law violations, but the Recorder's Court jury, meeting on two separate days, turned loose all those defendants brought before it. 

The jury, according to a press report, "decided the methods employed in apprehending (the defendants) were questionable and the evidence insufficient to convict." 

After it became clear the jurors were not going to convict, the solicitor asked for a nolle prosse of all the other cases in which Detective H.J. Holt was involved. 

Circulars are out announcing a big celebration at the Leaksville-Spray Park on July 5, sponsored by the local American Legion post. The day's program includes a parade, races and other contests at the park, a baseball game, boxing on Washington Street and then a street dance starting at 9 p.m. ... The retail businesses of Reidsville will close on Wednesday afternoons during the summer. ... Mrs. Otha Stone, 20, of Stacy, died in a Danville hospital of injuries suffered when she was struck by a truck driven by the chauffeur of T. Jefferson Penn of Reidsville. 

Meat thieves have raided a number of smokehouses in the Mayfield and Ruffin sections. More than 1,000 pounds were stolen from W.H. Pruitt and R.H. Pruitt and tenants on their farms. ... The recent refreshing showers, while not enough to guarantee a good season, have brought new life to crops and gardens, and the outlook is much better for higher production. ... A committee of the Rockingham County Ministerial Association has sent a questionnaire to all Republican candidates in the November general election asking their position on the prohibition and Sunday closing laws. The association sent a similar questionnaire to all Democratic candidates prior to the recent Democratic primary. 

Work clothes: Men's blue overalls, $1; men's blue chambray work shirts, 49 cents. 

For the angler: Richardson steel casting rods with three joints, double cork grip, $1.69.

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