June 23-29, 1927 

Two members of the Leaksville Township school board say the county has provided only half the buildings and equipment needed for the township's 4,000 students. 

Because the schools are so crowded, it has been necessary to teach in double shifts, E.V. Hobbs and L.W. Clark said in an appearance before the Leaksville Rotary Club. 

They estimated more than $400,000 will be required for additional buildings necessary to satisfactorily house the present school population. Hobbs and Clark suggested a bond issue may be necessary to provide the money for this. The county school board and the county commissioners and a committee of the Taxpayers League are looking into that possibility. 

The Twin City Building and Loan Association has decided to liquidate since an affiliate company, Leaksville-Spray Insurance and Realty Company, has filed for bankruptcy. Although Twin City B&L is solvent with assets of $150,000 and liabilities of $140,000, its managers said now would be a good time for it to wind up its affairs, especially since there are three other building and loan associations in the community. ... For the first time in years, the Rockingham County jail was without a prisoner this week. But with Superior Court in session this week, that condition is unlikely to last long. ... Farmers of the Intelligence and Gold Hill communities report chicken thieves have been active in their areas, with some farmers losing all their chickens to the thieves. 

There will be a school election July 12 in the Wentworth District to decide if a special property tax should be levied so the district can have an eight-month school term. ... Madison is about to get its first ice-making plant. The plant is expected to start turning out ice within the coming week. ... Southern Power Company has three crews putting up poles and stringing wire between Leaksville and Madison and expects to be providing power to Madison industries in a matter of weeks. 

For milady's feet: Pumps in patent leather or black satin, $4.40. 

For milord's feet: Endicott-Johnson calfskin shoe, $3.95.

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