June 2-8, 1927 

The Leaksville-Spray Rotarians will sponsor programs to provide area youths with things to do this summer. They will try to place boys of employment age in responsible positions, and each Rotarian will foster five boys under the age of employment and will plan to keep them busy. 

A dozen baseball teams have been organized and other wholesome recreation will be offered. The youths also will be taught some manual labor, such as operating a loom to make rag rugs. 

The Rotarians will meet with the boys each Tuesday night at the Spray YMCA. 

The Rev. B.S. Dempsey, a May graduate of the Louisville Theological Society, has arrived in the area to take over the pastorate of Spray Baptist Church. ... The Southern Power Co. is extending its lines from Leaksville to Stoneville and expects to have Stoneville supplied with lights shortly. Only a few of the buildings there are now lighted electrically. ... Two large wooden tobacco factories in downtown Leaksville are being torn down, and the land will be used by Dan River Furniture Co., a furniture manufacturer. Tobacco trading once was Leaksville's chief industry, but this has faded in recent years. 

Twenty Reidsville high school graduates received diplomas, and 68 grammar school graduates got certificates in ceremonies attended by 2,000 people. ... The Excelsior All-Star Quartet of Reidsville provided a concert of Negro spirituals and hymns on Greensboro radio station WNRC. ... Directors of the new Hood System Industrial Bank in Reidsville elected R.S. Montgomery president, J.B. Pipkin vice president and Mrs. J. Walter Lovelace, cashier. 

For the kitchen: Coal range with enamel-paneled drop oven door, $85. 

For cooking: Swift lard, 8 pounds, $1.10.

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