June 16-22, 1927 

Operators of a tent featuring the comedy "Bringing Up Father" solicited advertising from several merchants in Leaksville, Spray and Draper, promising to promote their businesses during a week-long play in Leaksville. 

But the show stayed only one night, its operators leaving for Madison early the next morning. The angry merchants, feeling they had been fleeced, got together and swore out a warrant against the man who had solicited them. 

Then they went with an officer to Madison where the man was arrested and placed under $100 bond. 

The so-called Mexican bean beetle is said to be destroying beans in gardens on farms in the Madison area. Some farmers are spraying to save their snap beans while others are catching the beetles manually and then destroying them. ... Clerk of Court M.T. Smith has received 100 checks for distribution to Confederate veterans and widows of veterans. Veterans will get $100, widows $50. ... The Rev. J.W. Vestal, pastor of Draper Methodist Church, is attending the pastors' summer school at Duke University. 

The city of Leaksville sold $97,000 in bonds at 5.5 percent interest. The bonds will be used to pay off some short-term notes and other outstanding obligations. ... The road between Martinsville and Ridgeway has been closed while it is being rebuilt into a concrete highway. Detours have been provided between Leaksville and Martinsville but the quickest way to Martinsville from Reidsville is thought to be through Danville. ... Superior Court in Wentworth adjourned for four hours in honor of the late Allen D. Ivie, Leaksville lawyer who died May 14. 

For Dad: Ingersoll wristwatch, $3.50; straw hats, $2.50 to $10.

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