June 10-16, 1951 

State highway officials gave the county commissioners a tour of the county to show them the work done with money from a state bond issue that Gov. Kerr Scott persuaded voters to approve early in his administration. 

At the time Scott took office, the county had a 718-mile secondary road system, with only 64.7 miles paved. By the time the bond-financed road improvement program is completed next year, 165 miles of secondary road will be paved and all other roads not black-topped will be stabilized with stone. 

Bunny Stevens, a 16-year-old student at Leaksville High School, was named Miss Reidsville Luckie in a beauty pageant held in conjunction with a Reidsville Luckie baseball game. She now will compete in a Miss Carolina League pageant. ... Leaksville Fire Department held an open house at the Leaksville municipal building to show off the department's new fire truck. ... A cornerstone will be placed next week at the new Mayodan Methodist Church on Main Street. The church was organized in 1901. 

The body of Pfc. Dallas Winfred Gibson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Percy Gibson of Rt. 4, Ruffin, has been returned for burial. He was Rockingham County's first victim of the Korean War. ... Reidsville Recorder's Court Judge E.H. Wrenn angrily dismissed a jury after it spent only 15 minutes deliberating and then came out with a not guilty verdict for a South Carolina truck driver charged with drunk driving despite several witnesses attesting to his erractic driving. "If you're not going to listen to the evidence here, we don't need you," a clearly upset Judge Wrenn told the jurors. ... Reidsville voters will pass on a $625,000 bond issue June 30. The bonds would be used to improve the water filter plant, pumping station and feeder lines, doubling the daily water capacity of 1.5 million gallons. 

Gift ideas for dad: Washable seersucker robe, $6.95; monogrammed broadcloth dress shirt, $3.69; wrinkle-resistant tie, $1.25. 

At the bank: Savings bank deposits pay 2 percent.

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